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Why didn't Windows XP Pro OEM ask me to activate?

  1. I bought a Windows XP Pro OEM from a Pricegrabber storefront outfit. After installing it into my new computer build, I notice it did not ask me to activate - online or phone in. Why? I'm not complaining, just curious whether I received the holy grail of an XP disc?

    My previous 2 builds, also with XP Pro OEM, all required activation. It reminded you how many days you have left before the deadline.
  2. hmmm, did you use a harddrive that previously had windows xp on it?

    I know that the only time it asks me for a cd key and activation is if its on a fresh HD, if you take an old hd and install xp over the top of an old install (even if you format and then install) it will recognize it. At least thats my though.
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  5. Brand new HD. Format and install. No activation. Is this a new MS policy?
  6. http://www.microsoft.com/resources/howtotell/ww/faq.mspx

  7. One quick way to find out if you bought a pirate copy. Go to Windows update and try to update your OS. They will either tell you to activate the copy of the OS or they will flat out reject your update and offer to sell you an activation number.
  8. Sounds very much like a bootleg/counterfeit copy. Tons out there being sold by storefronts, eBay, and local computer flea market shows.
  9. What's the downside to installing one of these counterfeits besides no update? Do they work the same? Can I get my money back if I complain to Pricegrabber or my CC?
  10. If it is an illegal hacked version it could have trojans, malware or a virus.
  11. Go to Are you legit?


  12. Uhh.. It's more than likely a Volume License Copy, or "corporate" version, that doesn't require activation. Perfectly legit to sell as "OEM". -dok
  13. No, it is NOT "legit" to sell as "OEM". Volume License copies are sold to specific companies (directly to the business) and are legal to load ONLY on computers at that business site.

    People sell them all the time, but they aren't legal to sell that way.
  14. It's definitely a grey area but companies have been doing it for years. Some go so far as to bundle it with some cheap gadget so that they can claim that the windows is a gift and you pay for the gadget.

    No Biggie, though. Pay $200 for Windows if you want. -dok
  15. OK, I just updated the OS. It didn't reject me or ask me to activate either. I must be good to go then. :)
  16. That's Corporate.. :thumbsup:
  17. I bought it for $85 from an outfit called JoMart Sales from Pricegrabber if anyone is interested.