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Why cops are throwing in the towel.

  1. Saying what most of us feel....
  2. A good editorial
  3. For once my timing was perfect.
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  5. If I was still active, I'd resign.:(
  6. The irony is that BLM is going to get a lot of black people killed by other black people.
    I know that they don't care.
  7. I was thinking today about the scene in Heat when Robert DeNiro's character call in his crew after he figures out they are being watched. He tells them to assume the police have everything on them, cars, houses, phones, and they are watching right then.

    They start talking about scores they have coming up. Its been awhile but I remember them canceling one but not the main heist. DeNiro's character wants it to get out for good. Another needs the money bad because he pissed it away. One stays for the team even though he could ride it out.

    Well we all know how that played out.

    I think every cop still working needs to sit down and spend a few days thinking about where they are and where they want to go.

    Are you waiting for your kid to graduate high school or college? Is it this year or 5 years from now? Whats your area like? They like the cops? Hate them? Ignore them? You waiting for a certain % of pay to retire and still live in your area? You going to cash out of your house and downsize? Move out of the area?

    If I hadn't have gone out on a disability I would still be waiting for 50, my retirement age. My wofe would probably be looking at cashing out, buying something cheap in rural Oregon, and getting any job that pays the bills for 2 years, then collect the pension and upgrade or just live modestly.
  8. Chicago's record breaking weekend was proof of that.

    And if they are successful in their reforms that will not be an aberration. It will become the new norm. In about a decade it will creep out into the suburbs or at least the nice parts of town.

    They will either have to backseat or just pay cops a **** ton of money to make it worth the risk.
  9. “No more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gunfire in these cities are any loss to society. These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well-supplied with ammunition." -Col. Jeff Cooper
  10. Never thought that I would agree with anything Jeff Cooper said, but he's spot on with this.
  11. Pull the troops out.....

  12. "Chicago Weekend Shootings: 1 Dead, at Least 28 Wounded in Gun Violence

    Published June 14, 2020 • Updated on June 14, 2020 at 9:28 am

    https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/loc...-at-least-28-wounded-in-gun-violence/2289615/ "
  13. Well, I wish my brothers and sisters still active a safe career outcome no matter what direction you choose to take! At this point the environment is simply too volatile to work as a assertive/active copper in any jurisdiction. These Turds in the media, to include Fox, along with the ANTIFA/BLM contingent will stop at nothing to get a scalp! Remember, your first duty is to get home after the shift is over. You surely don't want some other person deciding if you get to go home or not!

    It appears to me that any thought of Due Process has now vaporized when it comes to firing or prosecuting anyone that is a badge carrier. Be careful, try and not take too many chances and limit your exposure to the Administration, and the criminal courts. Those Turds will do what they can to humiliate, terminate and put you in jail just as sure as I'm typing this... Don't give them any opportunity!

    Stay safe!
  14. To be a cop one has to (at least marginally) believe in society. Problem is that the society does everything wrong these days. There are some exceptions of course, but generally it's hard to risk one's life for the bunch of self absorbed, brainless and degenerated idiots who hate you for enforcing the rules by which they supposed to live. You keep asking yourself the same question, over and over again: why am I doing this?
    I'm counting down the years to my retirement now. Society became a joke those days and the lawmakers are catering to the crowds of morons on the never ending spiral run down the drain.
  15. As I have said before, the dark times back in '15 with the "Hands up, don't shoot" mess was one of the reasons I retired in '15. The main reason I couldn't wait the 3.5 years longer for my 30 year goal was my physical problems, but that Ferguson mess pushed it over the top.

    I wouldn't doubt that if I was active now and eligible to retire even without the physical problem aspect, I'd probably cut my goal short and bolt. The day to day stress was enough, but to add this new mess...it wouldn't be worth it to me.
  16. Excellent article highlighting the very sad state our society has become.

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  17. The comments sure are lovely. Why anyone reads that rag is beyond me.
  18. The best thing we can all do is put on our class A, shine our boots up and do our jobs.

    I’m not raising my child in a society without police protection.

    We all quit now and our positions will be filled by Antifa members, communist, criminals and predators.

    By all means let that one headlight pass, but I’m not giving up. My family lives here. My child goes to school here. My wife goes to work here. My child needs chemo in a city 100 miles away. I have to be able to get him there.

    We all pull out and guess what guys? There is not a doctor or teacher on the country that is going to show up to work.
  19. People with the means to do so will move out to the country. We’ll see the unraveling of gentrification and inner city areas will go back to being rough with no oasis..

  22. The only people I feel sorry for are the elderly poor who cannot financially leave their homes, the incapacitated, and the children.

    Nearly everyone who lives in the inner-city has access to the means to better themselves. This is not 1964 Watts or 1966 Harlem. Scholarships exist now, job training and apprenticeships are widely available, EEO exists, and much more. The problem for many is a lack of motivation to do better for themselves and the ease of blaming others for your issues.

    Parts of rural America aren't any better than the inner-cities. Meth, violence, alcohol, and a lack of proximal access to schools, training, and work are plaguing there as well.
  23. Triple Taps:

    I appreciate that sentiment, I really do. And, it means a lot.

    But, people also have to be realistic. I’ve watched people die in a burning car. I dumped a 5 pound dry chem in the drivers compartment and had to back off. The car was a literal fireball. Me, in my polyester uniform would have simply killed myself to go in there.

    I’ve watched cars swept away in raging floodwaters. Me jumping in the river and swimming after it would have only added another death.

    Sometimes, you can’t win. No matter how badly you want to. My God may reward me in the afterlife but, I’m not spending 10 years in prison, financially and personally ruined by trying to do the right thing.

    In the above scenarios, if I had a nomex suit, red line hose and SBCA or a lifeline, life jacket and other swift water gear, I could try.

    The cities hanging these cops out to dry are taking the most important tool the cops have away from them. The ability to do the job and feel they are protected.

    Not with physical gear.
  24. THANK YOU my brother.

  25. .....
  26. "It’s not that law enforcement has changed for the worse but everything around it has."
  27. The problem is he was doing his job. He was arresting him for DUI (my agency would write you up for letting a DWI go) and they got into a fight and tried to subdue the offender. He was just going to chase him until the offender turned the taser on him and he reacted the way he was trained (certainly the way I was trained).

    They are literally firing and/or arresting cops for any use of force that is against a black person that doesn’t involve them pointing a gun at them. It doesn’t matter why they were doing it. They selectively edit the video and release it (as in the Atlanta tasering with the 6 cops) to get the mob to call for charges and they do so.

    You can do everything right within policy, statute, case law, and training and they will throw you to the wolves right now.

    That being said I appreciate that you will still hold the line.
  28. Oakland is ****ed. All the techies are going to bail once OPD goes reactive. There's already plenty of stories of techies getting robbed of their laptops. Each one totally unaware that Oakland has a bad side. I had family there most of my life growing up. We visited them but we didn't go on walks in the neighborhood and we didn't go to coffee shops to chill with 2 grand worth of electronics.
  29. May was my last month working patrol .... 33 years later and the environment today prevents the expected anxiety from the separation. Only thing I'm sure of is today's America sure ain't the one my Dad knew.

  30. I dont know. I dont remember the numbers. I remember the trigger control and aiming was better then usual. This weekend has been cold as hell with lows in the mid to low %50's and still 38 were shot tho only one killed. In 2017, the same week end, went 14 killed/55 winged.

    So tho sporty it wasn't all that unusual. A June weekend normally produces 40 to 70 shot. So all the the defund the cops movement really is is Political masturbation to keep two things going in the news. #1, Is to keep the young anarchists and leftists engaged so they remember to vote in Nov. and #2 is to screw the cops on their new contract. In a nut shell thats it.

    By all rights there should be 6 or 7 tagged in the morgue from a slow weekend because 1 for 6 is the normal mortality rate for gunshots.
  31. Cities that disband police will need to hire some sort of officer friendly hall monitors.. cities where thirty percent of the police quit or retire will hire other people.. nobody is un replaceable.. the new folks may not have the skills to function during stress.. they may run away from conflict even before the leftie mayors tell them to run and hide. Job openings for 20 thousand black female police recruits will change how cities function.

    When I go to the hardware store I look for a 50 to 65 year old man with hands that have thick skin from using tools and fixing stuff for decades.. if I need a police officer I really hope to find a man 40 to 50 years old that can read people with just a look. These police officers are calm and have seen everything. They have wisdom of who is lying and who is someone to be hooked up and booked. I will miss police officers that will follow their instincts and hearts to do a good job and use their brains instead of a political flow chart to determine their actions.
  32. I wouldn't go to Oakland from Marin county back in the late 70's. I sure as heck did not go there when I was stationed at Fort Ord in the early 90's.
  33. "It’s the only job you can do everything right and lose everything.

    It’s the only job where the same citizens you risk your life for hate you for it.

    It’s the only segment left in society where it’s cool to discriminate and judge, just because of the uniform you wear.

    You never get to explain.

    You can never reason with them."

    ..............Strong, Strong words...
  34. What do they care! The more the merrier. It furthers their cause.
  35. Criminals don't want cops. Is up to to the law abiding citizens to take matters into the their own hands and stand to the criminals with full force.
  36. When I was active, I carried a $1,000,000.00 policy. Today I would get as much as possible.

    BLM in Baltimore forced the police to stay out of certain areas recently. That did not last long. They came crawling back, saying they never wanted the police gone.
  37. Sad state of affairs when the Police are restrained from doing their jobs.
    I can't say I blame any LEO for wanting to quit...(ITS DANGEROUS OUT THERE)
  38. I understand, but disagree that it is the only job where you can do everyting right and lose everything.
    Our soldiers, especially those at Arlington would disagree too.

    I also disagree that "It’s the only job where the same citizens you risk your life for hate you for it"

    Our brave soldiers that were fortunate to return from the Viet Nam war, were hated, SPIT upon, many companies would not hire them. Many were hated by their own family members, and wives filed for a divorce.
  39. If you follow the embedded link in the posted article to the original article in Lawofficer.com, it shows more than 7700 comments, instead of 525 comments, and includes this bit:

  40. I think Law Enforcement needs to rethink retirements. Instead of 20 years of service or age 50 or 55. Let them go when they 'burnt out'. Some leave law enforcement after the 'honeymoon phase', three to seven years. More mature people realize the job sucks and leaves for something else.

    I know cops who should leave the job but at $120K annually they still want new cars and hefty pay checks. So in my experience those are the ones that end up on 20/20 or 60 Minutes doing something stupid. JMHO :cop:
  41. Even if you live in Mayberry somebody there hated Barney. But Andy he was a great guy to everyone.

  42. The old saying "elections have consequences" doesn't tell the whole story. the state run education system and marxist universities created this situation we are in now, coupled with unfettered immigration of the lowest of the low from the most $hit-hole of countries.

    The war we should be fighting is the abolition of the public education system and the severe reduction in immigration as well as immigration reform. These yield long term results, but these are the only ones worth fighting for.

    Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 12.59.22 PM.png
  43. I was thinking the same thing. Pathetic mindset of the commenters.
  44. I remember reading something written by a psychologist many years ago, in which he proposed that police ought to be given full retirements, and made to retire, after having served less than 20 years. I think it was 15 years?

    He justified that by saying that this way the retired officers would still be able to successfully transition to any other careers they might care to choose, or just be retired, and also be compensated for the mental/emotional stress they suffered ... and ... be able to get out from under that stress before it ruined their lives, health, families, etc.

    Now, looking back at it, he might've been onto something.
  45. This is a commendable attitude and probably not one I would have if I were a cop right now. Thanks.
  46. I respectfully disagree.

    Most officers, deputies, et cetera do what they got to do. It is bad Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains on up to bad Chiefs and Sheriffs.

    allegedly ... A Chief does not correct a bad Captain and it goes all the way to the street. How do you fix a thug street cop when his Sergeant is a drunk, the Lieutenant is doing street drugs and hookers and the Captain is a adulterer, womanizer and sexually harasses female officers... allegedly :cop: