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Why can’t I care about more than one thing at once?

  1. When did we become so simple minded that we can only care about one side of an issue?

    Why can’t I have health concerns about Covid 19 AND people being out of work and businesses being negatively affected?

    Why can’t I have concerns about racism in the law enforcement community AS WELL AS being concerned about the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement?

    It seems as if I make a statement in support of any side of an issue, I’m shouted down. Why can we no longer process difficult situations in an attempt to understand and improve?
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  3. Binary thinking is all the rage.

    You either understand it or you don't.
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  5. Woke culture is the pabulum for the idiot masses. The profoundly dumb, convinced they are good people by believing progressive thoughts.
    True statesman and patriots capable of individual thought and self reliance are no longer virtues to be admired.

    you have to just hate what they tell you to hate at the time, shut up, and like it.
  6. You're expecting rational thought, when many these days are immature in expressing only emotion, or in virtue signals and preening.

    Neither of those require much rational thought.
  7. Why care about two things at once when you can believe in nothing at all. Nothing!
  8. Black Lives Matter? Apparently you don't care about other lives.
    Stop fighting dogs? Apparently you don't care about bullfighting and cockfighting.
  9. I agree with the OP completely.
    I live in the Northeast, and work in human services... in other words, I'm surrounded by uber-liberals.
    I don't fit their pattern or expectations, as I am a combat vet who advocates for gun rights but also don't feel the Govt should tell a woman what to do with her body (abortion).
    I'm not a socialist, leftist or righty.... I am a moderate who prefers "softer" approach to social services and those in need, but also prefer a Hawkish foreign policy.
    I could go on and on with specific issues, but the point is: This nation has become SO divided between left and right.... I miss moderation!!
  10. You have my sympathy, been there too. I blame my callousness on the time I had to endure the fake shows of caring they put on..................and if you watched, it was obvious just how fake their shows of concern were.
    I was too old school, professionalism was foremost for me. I'm not cut out for the theatrics
  11. You better run that by a "Karen" and see what she tells you.
  12. We live in a very "absolutist" society. All or nothing with politics, race, guns guitars, whatever. It's like a shortcut for thinking. One doesn't have to think, just follow whaever status qoue B.S. is popular. It does not mean that those issues are not important, but rather there are many issues or places to be inbetween. I guess I'm one of those Navajos trying to practice some balance in my life with almost any issue whether it be politics, race , guns and guitars.
  13. This make me think of this...

    And this...
  14. Excuse me, I am going to have to speak with your manager about this...
  15. jame I completely agree. Covid-19 PPE is a means of getting people back to work. Look at South Korea and their economy. That doesn't make me a left wing communist. Defunding police is stupid, from what I am seeing on several videos we need more training for our officers handling protesters. That doesn't make me pro-looter. The character and leadership of President Reagan is something I long for when reading the teenage tweets from President Trump, but I will never vote for Mr. Biden.
  16. Yeah, I miss Reagan, too. He was a true statesman that pulled us all together. We need that today.