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Why bother having a debate moderator?

  1. Let the candidates moderate themselves. Chris Wallace did nothing to maintain order last night, but he did interfere on Biden's behalf.

    As ugly as it was, Trump accomplished his strategy. He succeeded in alienating the socialist wing of Biden's base by exposing him, and at the same time solidified his own base by providing lots of red meat for them. I don't think the debate moved the needle with the undecideds, but they are a very small percentage of the voters.

    I really thought Biden's handlers were going to find an excuse for Biden not to show up. But there won't be another debate after this debacle. Biden will crawl back into his basement.
  2. My question is why TV news anchors are used as moderators. There are plenty of regular people qualified for the job.
  3. Nah, Biden's supporters think he won the debate.
    • I agree that Chris Wallace definitely interfered on Biden's behalf. But that was expected.
    • Judging by the reaction of people like AOC, I do not believe he alienated Biden from part of his base...socialist or otherwise. They hate Trump so much it don't really matter what Biden says. They will support him to the end.
    • Of course there will be another debate.

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  4. That's why we have Twitter
  5. I hope there is another debate, but I doubt it. Putting Biden through that again would be elder abuse. Last night was entertaining. Especially when President Trump said to Biden "Don't talk to me about stupid" LOL. Biden has always been a moron and everybody knows it. Now he's a senile moron.
  6. I personally don't talk to any liberals, but if you ask liberals who won the debate, I'm positive every one would say Biden won.
  7. Making Biden endure a Presidential campaign is elder abuse.

    But he's not running anyway, Marxism is. He's the "Weekend at Bernie's" candidate, just a puppet for the Left.
  8. Now the left has a reason to cancel all future debates!
  9. It was more of a two on one ambush than a debate.
  10. I hope you're right about another debate, but I don't think Biden's handlers will allow it. Biden took a beating, and if it wasn't for Wallace holding him up it would have been a knockout for Trump. Team Biden won't take a chance on another debate.

    Disagree about the Bernie Bros. After hearing Biden denounce the manifesto, a lot of them won't bother to vote.

    Trump can handle it. He's smarter than both of them put together.
  11. What I would like to see would be two moderators. One clearly biassed to each side. Their mandate would be to ask challenging questions to the candidates.

    Example Sean Hannity questions Biden and Juan Williams questions Trump. The questions would be tough, but fair.
  12. Remember though, elections are always decided by a tiny percentage of voters, since most people have already voted for the rest of their lives regardless of candidate.

    These and the non voters are the only ones that matter as neither base will ever be swayed. I don't think this debate changed a single mind that matters.

    My opinion of Trump got a little worse last night. He acted like an ass, but he is the ass that we need right now so it doesn't bother me much.

    I see no point in further debates.
  13. I'm looking forward to the Pence/ Harris debate.
  14. I'm not sure the people want another debate; what would be the point? The next one is scheduled to be a town hall style; can you imagine how that would turn out?

    I made a comment on one of President Trump's FB posts during the debate about we love you, but please act presidential for the next 40 days; we can't afford to lose this election. over 20 people hit like on my comment, and that was a nation-wide post.
  15. Why? Let the candidates question each other.

    Disagree 100%. Elections are decided by voter turnout. The candidate with the more enthusiastic base will win every time no matter what the 6% undecideds do.

    The ho is going to be nasty with Pence.
  16. And I hope YOU are right about "a lot of them won't bother to vote". But, I really think the upcoming SCOTUS battle will re-motivate any possible wavering lefties.
  17. Because that would be nothing but a shouting contest and the viewers wouldn't be able to hear what each was saying.

    The only way that would work is if you put them each in a sound proof box and turned their microphones on and off when it was their turn to respond. That isn't a bad idea either...
  18. The results were predictable and surely part of the plan. Had Trump genuinely embarrassed Biden... or Biden expose himself as frail and feeble... there would absolutely be no second debate.

    I think Biden’s team is so convinced Joe can do it that they will send him out again. If you remember the Trump/Clinton debates the first was a draw at best, then Trump hit his stride and HRC hit the wall. The longer they go the more off script they have to be and that is where Trump does very well.

    I think Pence is better in a more prepared setting and he will shine vs Harris, who’s best debate performance involved having merchandise with her slogan for sale on her website shortly after she regurgitated her catch phrase “that girl was me” or whatever.

    She and Biden are convinced like HRC that they are destined to win... that always works out well.
  19. More importantly, why can’t we ever have a moderator who will press a Democrat for an answer when they respond with an obvious dodge of the question.
  20. Justice Barrett will be on the bench before the election.

    It was a shouting contest last night, so what's the point? All Wallace did was help Slow Joe.
  21. America lost the debate last night. Wallace was completely worthless. Trump looked like an 8yr old. Biden looked like an idiot. Nobody laid out anything. I found it comical that Biden said Trump has been hiding in a bunker from Covid; and it honestly seems like he really forgot that he criticized Trump for closing the border when Covid kicked off. Trump on the other hand looked like a petty child when he started with the "you graduated last in your class" stuff.

    It was definitely entertaining though. I almost died laughing when Biden called him a clown twice and also said "just shut up man".
  22. This point deserves emphasis. In 2016, roughly 60mil voted for Trump, 61mil for HC, and 60mil did not vote.

    Who stays home may really help Trump.
  23. I'd
    I'd like to see a moderator given a kill switch so he can shut someones mic off after their turn is over.
  24. Yes, but the left will be angry and want Biden in to help "pack the court".
  25. Separate stages with the non-answering politician mic. blocked.
    After all the vial disgracefully press, Democrat politicians lying, Twitter lies, and nothing but outright fake news against President Trump the leftist news media condemns him for what they themselves did.
  26. I'm a Trump supporter, and I think Biden won that debate
  27. I read an article comparing the debate to a couple of old drunks arguing in a bar near close. It went on to say that since the moderator was so obviously there to help Biden, that they might as well have let AOC be the moderator. At lease then she can show off some of her qualifications.
  28. wallace did a terrible job. Hopefully the other debates will be more under control.
  29. Unfortunately, Trump blew several chances to bury "SLEEPY" and "SLEEPY" closed very well with his "I will accept the results ..." ending. Trump missed several opportunities to just let Biden talk himself into his political grave and Biden held up surprisingly well.
    Great idea - wish I had thought of it.:cheers:
  30. If only one person is supposed to speak (at a time), and for a fixed (and agreed-upon) two minutes, why aren't the other microphones muted?

    Could it be that the network actually wanted that ****show to happen?
  31. Like the polls, this was a media event; by and for the media. They rule and ration all information.
  32. Same
  33. LOL- these are not debates- they are campaign slogan shouting matches between two nitwits.
  34. Why have a moderator? It forces the candidates to stop and take a breath once in awhile. With guys in their 70’s, it helps prevent having one of them stroke out on national television.
  35. Trump will never agree to having his microphone turned off, and he shouldn't. As long as they are going to allow Biden to stand there and tell one lie after another unchallenged Trump has to be able to interrupt.

    Ditch the moderators. We want a debate, not a press conference.
  36. The ratings for the first debate were off the charts. The other networks aren’t about to let Biden off the hook easily. They’re going to lose mega amounts of money if he cancels.
  37. This makes way too much sense.
  38. The democrats have scared their base about covid. They are terrified to go vote in person.
    But all the problems ( cheat by mail fraud) and spoiled ballots have them worried that their mail in campaign will fail.

    They need something to rile up (energize) their drones (voters).

    No matter, Trump continues his live campaign rallies (peacful protests so Democrat govenors cannot cancel them due to covid).

    Problem is the democrat handlers knew Biden failed so now the msm talk is of a mute switch or even cancel the debates.

    Biden is a star!
  39. I want to see a ladder match between Biden and Trump on WWE.
  40. A moderator is necessary to protect Biden.

    In reality, having a debate now is a matter of tradition. You'd be hard pressed to find a true Undecided.
  41. I wish the had given them boxing gloves, Donald should have smoked him in one punch before Old Joe kicked him in the crotch.
  42. Moderators get airtime. Like actors, they probably crave airtime and being in front of cameras, nationally and internationally.

    Moderators add to the ratings that can be counted, too.

    Why have announcers for MMA? Why not just let the fighters jump in the rings and fight? Adds to the audience appeal. Even if some elements of an audience dislike a particular moderator, it just adds to the ratings and network appeal.
  43. Yep. Any voters who are undecided by this point are likely quite small in number. Maybe 1%?

    Debates by this point only feed background music to the choirs.

    Still makes for news feed, money and ratings, though. Sells media.
  44. Not necessarily. Wallace, for instance, continued to advance the thoroughly debunked lie that Trump called white supremacists "very fine people." Juan Williams has also repeated that lie. Questioning Trump about something he didn't say could hardly be termed fair.
  45. Let’s do it like this.
  46. Liberals I know are totally elated with Biden's performance in the debate.
  47. I disagree. Part of the issue with this debate was the format. The candidates didn't actually get to debate anything. There was no real rebuttal allowed. The candidates needed more time on most issues. Biden would spew nonsense and Trump would try to rebut it immediately because he knew he wasn't going to get any other opportunity to speak on that issue.
  48. Not surprising considering how low the bar was set.