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Last 20 or so cruises I took...they PAID me to be aboard.

Still a pic on the interweb of the old tub. But I will say the food was good, and depending on the captain....the beer kept flowing.

Did they let you drive it up on the beach, so they could scrap it? Those videos are crazy!

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Did they let you drive it up on the beach, so they could scrap it? Those videos are crazy!
I stopped sailing before that one (MV Copper Mountain) went to the breakers. But my first merchant trip aboard the SS Hermitage we ended up on the beach in Pakistan after delivering a load of grain from Houston to Port Sudan. Most of the crew got off the ship before we beached it. I volunteered to stay in the engine room. I went pretty smooth. Just shut off the fuel pump and went up on deck to the forecastle. They had rigged up a boatswains chair and we left. The Hermitage was a lot smaller than the Mountain and in really bad shape.
The bad part is the company had bought a lot of new tools, parts and even new life boats before we left the states.

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I guess let me Google that for you.....

No Sail Order for Cruise Ships
April 9, 2020 Update

On April 9, 2020, CDC renewed the No Sail Order and Other Measures Related to Operations Order signed by the CDC Director on March 14, 2020—subject to the modifications and additional stipulated conditions as set forth in this Order. The Order is published in the Federal Register and effective as of April 15, 2020 ( icon).

The extended Order is in effect until one of the following occurs:

  • The Secretary of Health and Human Services’ declares that COVID-19 no longer constitutes a public health emergency, or
  • The CDC Director rescinds or modifies the order based on specific public health or other considerations, or
  • 100 days have passed from April 15, the date the extended order was published in the Federal Register and went into effect. 100 days from April 15 is July 24.
Wrong. June for Royal Carribean and some others.

When Will Ocean Cruise Lines Resume Service?
Adventure Canada (Ocean Endeavour only): 2021 (2020 season canceled)

AIDA: June 31

Coral Expeditions: November 2020 (to be confirmed)

Australis: September 2020 (start of season)

Azamara: June 12

Bahamas Paradise:

  • Grand Celebration: June 13
  • Grand Classica: July 10
Blue Lagoon Cruises: June 1

Captain Cook Cruises: June 1

Carnival: June 16 in Australia/NZ and June 27 elsewhere with the exceptions of:

  • Carnival Radiance: November 2, 2020
  • Carnival Legend: October 31, 2020
  • Alaska cruises: July 1, 2020
  • Cruises departing from San Francisco: 2021
  • Cruises departing from New York City: 2021
Celebrity: June 12, except for the Alaska season, which will begin July 3 onboard Celebrity Millennium and Celebrity Solstice, and July 5 onboard Celebrity Eclipse

Celestyal Cruises: June 29

Coral Expeditions: June 16

Costa: June 1

Cruise & Maritime Voyages: May 25

Crystal Cruises: July 1

Cunard Line: August 1 for Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria and September 9 for Queen Elizabeth.

Disney Cruise Line: June 19 for Disney Fantasy and Dream; July 3 for Disney Magic; and all Vancouver/Alaska sailings will resume in July, which primarily affects Disney Wodner.

Fred. Olsen: No fixed date.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises: Mid-June

Holland America Line: July 1

• May 21 (Coastal Voyage)
• May 13 (Expedition Ships)
• Alaska: 2020 Season Cancelled

Majestic Line: May 30

Marella Cruises: July 1

Metropolitan Touring: June 1

MSC Cruises: July 11

Norwegian Cruise Line: July 1

Oceania Cruises: July 1

P&O Cruises: July 31

P&O Cruises Australia: June 16 in Australia; July 1 in New Zealand

Paul Gauguin: No fixed date

Pearl Seas Cruises: July 1

Ponant: Varies according to ship; no sooner than May 15

Poseidon Expeditions: No sooner than June 15

Princess Cruises: Varied according to ship, all in July in the U.S. and Europe; June 16 in Australia; July 1 in New Zealand

Quark Expeditions: September 20

Regent Seven Seas: July 1

Royal Caribbean: June 12

Saga Cruises: June 1

Sea Cloud Cruises: June 1

Seabourn: July 1

SeaDream Yacht Club: May 15

Scenic: June 30


  • Silver Cloud: June 21
  • Silver Explorer: June 18
  • Silver Galapagos: June 13
  • Silver Muse: July 2
  • Silver Shadow: June 18
  • Silver Spirit: June 25
  • Silver Whisper: June 18
  • Silver Wind: June 13
Star Clippers:

  • Star Clipper: June 1
  • Star Flyer: June 1
  • Royal Clipper: June 1
Tauck: July 1

UnCruise Adventures: End of May

Viking Cruises: June 30

Virgin Voyages: July 15

Windstar Cruises: July 1

Zegrahm Expeditions: June 4

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That is nothing more than the cruise lines posting their hopes and dreams. They did the same thing in April, May and now you see cancellations into June as they progressively cancelled cruises as the deadlines arrived.

Bottom line....they will not sail out of a US port until July 24 unless COVID is somehow reclassified as no longer a public health emergency or the CDC rescinds the order. As it looks now it will be extended if anything.

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My wife and I love doing Caribbean cruises every winter to get out of the miserable, gray Midwest for a week and soak up sun. We've gone something like 9 out of the last 10 years.
We went in the last week of February, even though some people told us we were crazy to go just as this current outbreak was in its infancy.
Sure enough, I got sick right after returning from the cruise.
The cruise lines do a really good job of offering hand sanitizers virtually everywhere you go on board but, of course, when you're on a crowded ship, you're going to come into close contact with other people. It's inevitable.
I feel terrible for the cruise lines. This damn "crisis" will undoubtedly change the business forever. I'm already hearing that drink packages (a must if you like alcoholic beverages) are going up by about 40% and if cruise lines limit the number of passengers, they'll have to jack up prices to make up for lost revenue.
We always plan a year ahead or so due to my wife's vacation schedule and budgeting.
We won't be going on a cruise next winter. We'll stay in the States, probably going to Florida or Arizona or other CCW-friendly states.
It makes me sad. But it's the new normal in a screwed-up world.

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Actually the cruise lines shut themselves down until the end of July

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So lets take a vote.
Who among all of us on GT wants to board a Cruise ship and put out to sea with a ship load of strangers?
And risk one person getting sick and extending our cruise to who knows how long. And some finally found a port and then still couldn’t get back to the US. No thanks.

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May 9th was going to be our first cruise. Obviously it was cancelled. We can get a full refund or rebook with $600 additional credit.
We are going to rebook and a Christmas time cruise sounds wonderful, but we are going to wait and see what happens this fall. Right now, we are thinking next May.

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It really isn't. It is just a unique environment that lets you see the big picture. The people at the airport, restaurant, or grocery store dissipate back into society and there is no way to visualize the spread.
Its really no different than if you went to a resort where you can get 3 squares a day and have pools and other amenities where people congregate.

I live in a small town and I see the same people every day at school, the stores, kids activities, etc. Its basically like a large ship because it is sitting in the middle of a valley in the mountains.
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Typical. Before you try and insult someone should probably look at what you write, otherwise you look a dumbass.

Get your panties out of a wad.

Cruise ships aren't sailing because they don't have any customers.

I don't think I am the one who looks like a dumbass here.

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Answers are underlined.

Who gets to tell them they can't sail?

I would guess it would be the president of the company after consulting with his chief financial officer and perhaps the board of directors. Would you have a better speculation?

They are losing a billion dollars a month.

That is truly too bad. I was supposed to fly to Europe today and catch a cruise out of Italy next week going around the country and landing in Venice, Italy.

I would think that some of them would be sailing and I would imagine there are people that would go on them.
No. You would be incorrect. You are in the insurance business and probably either a licensed salesman or a broker. So let's put on your marketing cap.

CEO/CFO perspective. We would have to fully staff the ship, nearly fully provision the supplies, deal with unsure material deliveries, face the risk of not being allowed to dock the ship and bear those costs. We certainly are expecting a lot of people to cancel.

Old woman who wants to sail perspective. I really want to sail. I don't care if I am confined to my cabin. And, I certainly don't care if the cruise line cuts out the dancing, the band, and the entertainment because they are trying to cut their losses if they sail.

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Cruising is dependent on the "week" you choose, and the cruise line
No "holiday" weeks, no school vacation weeks...
Mid price slightly older.. Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, MSC
Older ..Holland America
For a start.....
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