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Why are sight pusher tools so blasted expen$ive?

  1. It's basically a clamp. :upeyes:

    Who has the most inexpensive sight tool?
  2. I want quality over price.
    I picked up a "like new" MGW for $75 in the Want Ads
  3. I have a like new Glockmeister pusher with a front sight tool that i am thinking about selling.Pm me if you're interested.
  4. It's not a common mass-produced C-clamp. It's a special tool only used by a few people. Same as, for instance, a motorcycle chain riveter:

  5. How much does a dowel and a hammer cost?
  6. Whatever the value of the sights is.
  7. Be careful if you use that on night sights, you can crack the vial and all the tritium will leak out and your sight will no longer glow.
  8. I would guess that, like anything else with limited production and limited demand, they cost quite a bit to manufacture. I'm guessing they are not mass produced and for some reason, there are so many models that sales by any particular manufacturer are even more limited.

    I bought mine from a fellow that sells here on GT. Decent price and I've already used it on five rear sights and it worked very very well.

    Here is the thread I stumbled upon and from which I finally launched my order.


    I presume he is still around ... not sure. You can try to contact him if you want one after you read the thread.
  9. Toward the end of the thread you referenced, he said: "Bad News: They're all gone.
    Thanks for the support. If I make more, I'm gonna get another shop to help with the work. This will drive the price to $85-$90. I'm not sure if people would pay at this price though..."

    They were a great buy at the previous price of $65.
  10. Plus whatever you paid to the "gunsmith" with a dowel and a hammer.