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Why are people so disgusting?

  1. Kinda cooler this morning and overcast so I decided to go do some shooting with my new G21 (shot great btw). I went to a little range that I have not been to in about a month. It is the Black Creek Range located between Brooklyn and Wiggins out in the stix. It is run by the U.S. Forest Service and used to be a really nice place to shoot, especially about 10 years ago.
    Anyway, I arrived there this morning to find a disgusting mess. Everything from old televisions to gallon paint cans strowed all over the place. It honestly looked like a dump. I have cleaned it up several times in the past and I always come back to find pretty much a dump again.

    Why does people have to be so disrespectful?
    I will not be surprised to pull up there one day to find a CLOSED, NO TRESPASSING sign at the entrance. People make me sick!


  2. what, no used diapers, like we got here:sad:
  3. It's a shame. That's the price of free unfortunatley. You ever go to the one Ellisville, it's $35 a year but it's very clean.
  4. thats just sad
  5. I've never been to the range in Ellisville. The one above is only like 7 miles from me so it's pretty convenient. Guess I'll go clean it again next week sometime.
  6. trash the place.

    might make it a place that LEO's train, that'd help a bit.

    might put up a deer trail camera? that'd be SWEET.. (quietly, personally, get some pics of the miscreants in action, THEN figure out who needs to know about it, give you some hints on timing)...

    i figure maybe a maximum littering fine would cut down their ammo budget, hmm? might be, even, that rascals with no couth have warrants?

    heck of a thought..

    crap like that is PEOPLE. get PEOPLE involved, way more than JUST YOU..

    any churchgoing gun toters? churches are good about cleanup..

    and if you ever need to confront anyone get a LEO for backup, FIRST, minimal. and good luck, if you catch em spank em once for me.

  7. That is absolutely awful! People that do stuff like that give us (gun folks) a bad name.

  8. I used to shoot there a lot when I lived in hattiesburg. I noticed the same problems as well. I had to leave the range several times because of people acting stupid or unsafe. It actually got to the point where I would turn around and go home if someone was already there.

    When I first started going it was decent, it had large posts in the ground with chicken wire to hang targets from. As time went on people decided to just shoot the posts instead of hanging a target. Now I see there are no more posts at all.
  9. We have a place where we shoot for free and it looks 10 times worse than that.The metal 55 gallon drums are shot up(supposed to be used to put your trash in). The bad part is some law enforcement shoot there as well and I wouldn't be surprised if the corp of engineers closes it down.I'll take some pics one day and post them up.
  10. Hmm... we need to organize a "Save Our Range" crusade. :patriot:

    Senator, can you take this on? I envision a mob of Glockers showing up at one of these ranges and cleaning it up. :thumbsup:

    And I like the idea of taking pictures but think the camera would get stolen.:psycho:
  11. That's pathetic.:sad:

    Range trash (so-called people) did that.
  12. I can only imagine what the ladies' restroom looks like....:toilet:
  13. It's "behind" a tree!:animlol: :shocked: :animlol:
  14. Yep... No high falutin' facilities here. :)
  15. It looks like it is actually ON the range. I picked up a "for sale" sign on a piece of land last week that had multple .22 holes in it.
    These knuckleheads give us all a bad name. :crazy: :fist:
  16. Yep, you hit the nail right on the head. This is what non shooters see when they take a look at some of the places we shoot, and naturally think we are all like this.

    The place where I shoot (or use to) in Northern MS use to get like this...a bunch of us would go out and clean it up, but got kind of tired of cleaning up after these animals.

    A few months ago a sign was posted...no dumping $100 fine, no shooting also a fine. They closed it, and made it un lawful to shoot there....I would like to thank the trashy animals that used it for a shooting dump for their consideration.

    I now pay a fee to shoot.

    By the way, thanks for sharing that picture with us, it is typical of un supervised areas where the jerks shoot, hopefully they will keep your range opened, it would actually look like a very nice range except for the trash.
  17. Senator! SENATOR! Where are you!
  18. Unfortunately, it's just the way many folks are raised down south. (Yes, I'm a born and raised Mississippian.)

    But I have worked with beautification groups and I have picked up more litter on the side of roads than anybody you know who is not wearing an orange jump suit.

    I have picked up litter in one section of road 4 times a year for a number of years. We thought that after a while it would get better, but it didn't. The last time we picked up litter it was just as bad as the first time.

    I have actually seen people throw litter out as they passed us picking up litter!

    I finally realized there is no point. There are more of them than there are of us. And it's easier for them to throw crap on the ground than for us to pick it up.

    I have seen kids and adults walk out of a convenience store, open a candy bar or pack of cigaretts and throw the wrapper on the concrete without a thought.

    My travels have taken me "up nawth" to areas like Conneticut and New Hampshire. Once you get out of the city and on their backroads, there is NO litter. None. Zero. They just don't do it.
  19. Yes, I know what you mean. I lived in Germany for 8 years and even in the big cities there is zero trash.

    For the life of me I don't understand why people think it is perfectly ok to throw their trash on the ground like some kind of filthy animal.

    Makes ya wonder what the inside of their house looks like.
  20. Totally unrelated, I was talking to a female cousin back home about the Choctaw Indians. We always admired them, and still do. (May have some of their DNA.)

    But I commented to her that they tend to just throw trash and garbage in their yard.

    "Only after their house is so full it won't hold any more," she said.

    And she has been in lots of their houses.
  21. I take at least one lawn & garden trash bag full of crap out of there every time I go shoot, but it seems to get worse every day.

    I remember when that range was in much better condition, but the lawless and ignorant have destroyed it.
  22. Here in Nevada vandalism of OUR forest service sites is also very common. Especially in the urban interface areas where the dip****s that do this don't have to drive very far. In our area the forest service will not even install a shooting range, since they might as well just burn the tax payers money for the same results. Thankfully we have a great county site, with armed range personal that oversee it. In this day and age I think that is about the only way that you can have public range and not have it destroyed by morons. Of course since our government deems it more important to rebuild Iraq, rather than keep up and improve our own country's infrastructure, the chances of taxes being allocated for additional USFS and BLM Staff is highly unlikely.