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Who's Gonna' Watch The Debate Tomorrow Night??

  1. I plan on actually watching the whole show and do my best to pay attention. I don't have access to whatever drugs they will load up Joe on, so may take a nap to be able to stay up past my bedtime.

    I will NOT be watching the 1 hour pre-show spin that all networks will be broadcasting though.

    Do you plan on watching the whole thing, or just rely on the "highlights" the next morning on the "news"??
  2. I’m going to watch it.
  3. Should be good.
  4. Wouldn't miss this for the world! This is the Super Bowl!!!
  5. I'll catch some after work - if it's still on.
  6. Would not miss it for the world!

    Front to back, beginning to end.

    cannot WAIT!
  7. I would not miss watching the debate. I do however have a very bad feeling that Biden might not do as bad as most think. Regards to all at GT and be careful out there.
  8. I voted yes but I don't have T.V. I'll listen on the radio for a while. Probably better get a fresh jug of Chopin. :D
  9. It will probably be the best night of television in the last 4 years. Hopefully Trump isn't going in too cocky, but he has had 4 years of nothing but attacks from the other side.

    Traps are likely already set for Trump to step in, I think he is fully aware. I am hoping for a bloodbath but will be more than pleased for him just to not screw it up.
  10. You can't buy entertainment like that.
  11. If Jesus appeared naked before me with 100 hookers, bags of blow, and an all expenses-paid trip to Tahiti, He could not stop me from watching these debates.

    Who is hosting it, and what channel? I'll have to watch it on YouTube.
  12. I will watch it on Right Side Broadcasting or CSPAN.

    All networks and cable will have their people cutting in and push their agenda.
  13. You win the internet for the day!
  14. How could I not watch “you know, the thing”?
  15. Debate will be on after my bedtime so I’ll catch the highlights but Jesus, hookers and blow would get me outta bed.
  16. ..............
  17. Definitely.....been waiting on this for months! I honestly never thought it would happen, and tomorrow isn't here yet!
  18. Yes because I need to decide who to vote for.
  19. Past my bedtime. Will listen to it the next evening.
  20. I'm anxious just to see how drugged up Biden can be and still function. So many unknowns.

    My biggest worry is not that Biden will do something that shows how utterly dysfunctional he is, it's that Trump will show no mercy, and may actually look cruel if he starts making fun of him. Let Biden dig himself into a hole, but don't throw dirt on him while he's doing it.
  21. I haven't watched a debate other than accidentally since 1988.
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  23. I don't have a TV except for watching DVD's so I'll watch it on my desktop computer.
  24. I want to hear Biden tell us more about "the thing".
  25. C’mon man! I wouldn’t miss it even if I were a junkie...lol
  26. I'm not sure if I will or not. I watched 10 minutes of a Trump/Hillary debate in 2016. He smoked her and the media immediately gave Hillary the win right after. It was the final debate, I believe.

    Here is how the debate might end up going.. All the questions will be designed to keep Trump on defense, like the ABC Townhall the other night. Things like on the Coronavirus, which Biden sat in his basement filling his diaper while Trump had to deal with an unknown virus attacking the planet. Biden will get to say vague things like, "I'd do things differently" " I'd do more testing" it's all empty and not specific. He had no responsibility, so he can say whatever in hindsight.

    If they bring up this NYT Trump tax story then you know they're in the bag for Biden. Trump should just say he followed the tax code Joe Biden helped create, then bring up Hunter's $3.5 million from Putin when Biden was in the White House that the media decided not to tell the voters about.

    A topic Wallace said he'll have is about the unrest from riots/protests. This is a big opportunity for Trump to destroy Biden. Biden was silent for 3 months on the destruction of Democrats. It wasn't until the polls turned south that Biden popped out of his basement to condemn them. That showed Joe only cares about his numbers, not our cities, businesses destroyed, or our law enforcement. Then Trump needs to bring up that Joe and Kamala campaign staffers were bailing out rioters, including rapist and other felons. He could also bring up Biden's '94 Crime Bill and Kamala's record which hurt black communities.

    The last topic Wallace said he will bring up is the Supreme Court battle. Again, this should favor Trump, but it depends on the questions asked. Biden won't release the names he'd nominate. Why not? The voters should know that info. The other thing Trump should hit on is how the Democrats are attacking her religion. He handled that beautifully the other day when he said, "I thought we settled this 60 years ago with the election of John F. Kennedy." That was brilliantly played.

    If these go poorly for Joe, he'll opt out of the remaining debates.
  27. I would love to watch it, but I will be driving to my next event.
    Maybe I can listen to it on the radio instead.
  28. Anyone check with the folks in Vegas on the odds of Joe being a no show?
  29. Meh, it probably won't even happen, the Biden crew will find a way to cancel at the last minute....
  30. bahhhhhhhh!!
  31. I predict both sides will declare victory.
  32. In all honesty if Jesus showed up with the dope and hookers I may be a bit intimidated.
  33. I am going to pass.
    I don’t think I need anymore political drama that is going to make me... tense.
  34. I’ve very much looked forward to this debate. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.
  35. I'm trying to decide if there is a drinking game in this. Like taking a shot each time bho said "Let me be clear...".

    Maybe when biden says "C'mon man!".
  36. Can't wait to watch it. Then watch all the fact checkers chime in and say everything Trump said was false, and all Biden's stuff was true.
  37. Why is it being held at the Cleveland Clinic? Is Biden really that far gone?
  38. He also uses "look" to pivot when he gets stuck and starts rambling on about nonsense.
  39. It would take a car wreck for an excuse if he doesn't show. Otherwise it would be the ultimate example of not being up to the job.
  40. Waste of my time. Nothing they could possibly say in the debate, that doesn't involve mentioning me by name, is going to change my vote. If they mention me by name, I'm sure somebody will let me know.
  41. When Biden says “Look”.
    Honestly I can’t wait for Joe to have a conniption or to shart himself or whatever his meds do.
  42. I will just hear the rehash and quotes the next day on talk radio.

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  43. I like the way you think, but would it not be better if Jesus were dressed and the hookers were naked?
  44. Very few people will choose a candidate, but millions of people will get pissed off over and over again. The internet will explode.
  45. Biden after the debates.... Done giphy (5).gif
  46. Would not miss!!!
  47. Why 9pm eastern time? On a Tuesday. Some of us work night shift or have to get up early for work. The only ones able to watch will be democrats.
  49. I'm usually not too crazy about debates and missed my share. I will definitely watch this one though. I hope Trump doesn't do any of his sometimes juvenile impersonations of Biden as much as I would like to see him though.