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Who's been to their state's Grand Lodge?

  1. I belong in VA, even though I live in TN. I've been to see the outside of TN's Grand Lodge in Nashville, which is very beautiful, but I've not been inside it, and I haven't seen even the outside of VA's.

    I also noticed that a lot of the other buildings in down town Nashville also had Masonic emblems on them. For instance, the huge Baptist church across the st from the Grand Lodge has the Square and Compass in it's cornerstones, which I found pretty odd, but also very neat.
  2. I've been to mine a very beautiful building.

    You should visit your's, I'd be suprised if they did'nt want to give you a tour. Jay
  3. I attended a Grand Lodge Communication two weeks after being Raised back in 1977.tom.;)
  4. I've been to the Grand Lodge of Texas, but not during an actual session. I plan to go this year.
  5. I have been but is was a long time ago when i was younger, me dad is a mason also, now that I am I want to go back!!
  6. I have been to mine in Philly several times, it is an Awesome building to see. They have been doing a lot of remodeling over the last several years so I would like to go back again soon.
  7. I have been to mine, I was raised in my State Capital so I did not have to travel to go there. It was very beautiful and also very informative.

    I am a history buff so the historical records really interested me.
    I give a big :thumbsup: and highly recommend it to anyone who has the chance to visit.
  8. The Grand Lodge of Texas is in Waco, Texas I have been going there since I was a 14 year old DeMolay. The Grand Lodge meets the first week of December each and I was able to attend Grand Lodge in 1986. There a lot of Masonic items tracing the formation of the Grand Lodge of Texas in 1836.
  9. I have been to My GL too many times and atleast twice a year.
  10. I'm going to 89er Days at Guthrie today and plan on touring the GL there. I've never been in it but it's a beautiful building from the outside.
    2007 is Okla's State Centennial but 1889 was the first land run.
  11. South Carolina will hold annual communication of GL this Thursday and Friday at Jamil Shrine Center (Temple) in Columbia. I'll be there. Always an interessting experience. The actual GL building is in Lexington. We just dedicated the Masonic museum there two Satudays ago.

    May peace and harmony prevail.