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Whoa Black Bonnie Sham a Lam!

  1. Well after a gazillion years I have a motorcycle again. Shes a brand spankin' new Triumph Bonneville Black. I promised myself at least 2000 miles before she gets new pipes, airbox and whatnot.

    The tank bag kinda detracts from her sexiness but I gotta carry stuff.


  2. All hail the death of the Prince of Darkness!

    Nice scooter man.

    Ride safe
  3. That is B-E-A-utifulll!!!!:)
  4. As Queen Victoria said, "Close your eyes and think of England." Ab fab, my friend. HH
  5. Nice but that suit case on tank has got to go. Learn to carry less stuff or wear a back pack. Spoil your lines not the bikes.:animlol:
  6. I know that bag looks freaking ridiculous.

  7. Why wait 2000-miles before mod? Slap the pipes on now and let the parallel twin rip:banana:
  8. Very nice ride, I like it :thumbsup:
  9. Stop. I am susceptible to peer pressure and pipe envy.


  10. Very, very nice.
  11. The Bonnie has been my dream bike for 20 yrs. I will be shopping for one in December. I like the '68 red/white model. Congradulations and enjoy. Ride her till it hurts!
  12. I am taking her in for her 500 mile check up in the A.M. even though she has about 750 miles on her.

    I am still trying very hard to resist the airbox removal and pipe mod.

  13. If you love it, then you gotta set it free!
  14. The only problem with setting bonnie free is that the wife may set me free if I spend the $$. It is amazing what a little break in time will do to a motor. She pulls like a train now.
  15. Did it to my new Triumph and the sound is great! I think you'll find that the right pipes & air filter make almost any stock bike wake up. Good luck and great looking bike! HH