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Who still carries a 357 sig Glock?

  1. Im eyeing a sweet little Glock 31 at my local gun shop. Who still has a 357 sig Glock and uses it for defense? I've had a G32 before.
  2. I carry a G33 Gen4 on a regular basis with a Tulster IWB holster. I also have a G32 that I carry from time to time. Love the 357 SIG round.

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  3. My current EDC is a Glock 31.
  4. I lean toward the G32.
  5. I picked up a gen 4 31 and I just love the balance of a full sized Glock. I will be carrying it over the winter with gold dots. I wasn’t sure if I’d keep it, but I think they are special guns so I will hang on to it. I also grabbed a cheap g-22 barrel for it.
  6. Gen4 33 everyday everywhere
  7. This G31 is a gen 3. Its also been cerakoted burnt bronze on the slide. It was done by a company call dawn of defense. Looks very nice.
  8. I just got Glock 23, Gen 4, with a OEM Glock 32 barrel...

    At some point, that will be an EDC.
  9. I've been CCing a G33 for several years now. No plans to change.
  10. I carry my 32 often. I have 9’s, 45’s and 40 calibers in various pistols, but that .357 sig is just righteous.
  11. I’ve been known to carry a Gen3 32 on occasion...
  12. Nice! I was curious to see how many still use it. I love the caliber.
  13. What? The GT 9mm cult says you must be sent to the re-education camps if you think 357sig is better than 9mm.
  14. I too am fond of the 357sig, and recently passed on a Gen3 G31 because it was too pricy for the condition it was in.

    When I'm feeling skinny I carry a Gen3 G33 IWB and a spare mag in my front pocket. It's easy to shoot even with my weak hand strength and it's also strangely accurate - so I never feel inadequate or undergunned whenever it's on my person. I also have a Gen4 G32C along with an unported LWD G32 barrel to go with it, but I have yet to shoot it. I suppose one of these days I'll get around to it, and will mostlikely carry it at some point ;)
  15. Yeah. I know when i had my G32 I shot it right next to a 3" 357 mag SP101. It was extremely hard to tell the difference in the fired rounds through media. Water/phone books etc. 357 is very strong. I also killed a nice 8 point buck with it. Worked very well.
  16. I have one beside the bed. A G32 that is. I even carry it when heavy coats come out.
  17. Although I have five Glocks, including a G33 (357 SIG), I don't carry Glocks.

    I do like the 357 SIG caliber.
    Actually the caliber is why I bought the G33.
    if I were to carry a Glock it would be the G33.

    Glock 33.jpg
  18. I carry a franken gen4 Glock 32.
    I think my brother is still carrying his old gen3 32. I know he is issued a gen4 31 at work.
  19. The 31.4 I had kicked like a mule omg but I love the 357 in the 320 but I miss my 31. That round is such an amazing round. I prefer it to my 9mm but I like both as well as 45. 40sw I could never get into for some reason I dont know why I always though it was blah and I'm not one for caliber bashing at all.

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  20. I have a Gen4 G31 that once was my camp and outdoors weapon, until I returned to the Ruger 357MAG 6-inch GP100 and 3-inch SP101. Revolvers IMO make better outdoors weapons. But I still carry the G31 in my truck.

    Seven years ago I converted my 1996 Gen2.5 G27 to a G33 using an OEM G33 barrel. That has been and will remain my preferred EDC weapon. Using Underwood 125-gr JHP it produces MV=1410 ft/s, ME=552 ft•lbf, and PF=176 kgr•ft/s.

    Naturally, there's no way that can match the performance of any weapon that fires magical mystical mythical modern 9x19mm super-ammo that the experts tell gullible true-believers is vastly superior to any cartridge in any other caliber that has ever been invented or even imagined. :)
  21. 357 sig woke me up and I smelt the coffee
    I carry gild dots in my 357 sig close to the hst since federal said bye to making hst for the 357 sig

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  22. I carry my 32 when I’m out in the desert, lots of javelinas and coyotes out here. The 357 sig will dispatch a coyote very quickly. I Know other rounds are possibly as effective but i grew up shooting 357 mag, I like and trust it. The 357 sig Glock 32 gen 4 is a natural choice for me, in a much lighter and higher capacity handgun.
  23. That is true btw did you know liberty makes a 357 sig that's a mean round

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  24. No I didn’t, I’ll check it out.
  25. Ya its suppose to have over 2k and have energy if like in the 500s that ain't bad at all

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  26. Weight: 50 GR

    Velocity: 2300 FPS

    Kinetic Energy: 587 FPE
  27. I carry a G32 at times.
  28. That's the one sir that round if all is true and no over penetration will be a mean round I wouldn't want to be on the receiving blend of that round or any for that matter

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  29. Today and as of late for the past month it's been my p30 v1 9mm I just love that lem trigger but my 357 is still loaded in the safe

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  30. I tried Underwood ammo (fmj) during a class and I was knocking down metal plates with them and angering the instructor :)

    during the one part when I had to engage the robot from inside a vehicle, he said he wasn’t sure if my rounds were hitting the robot or if it was the muzzle blast knocking it around.

    I carry my 32 with Winchester Ranger T series 125gr JHPs.
    i’d like to try and carry other ammo but the city issues me the ammo for my off duty guns so why would I turn down free ammo.

  31. The G33 is a small gun that provides the confidence of a big service gun to me.

    I carry my G33 with a 4" LoneWolf barrel and 10+1 magazine whenever I'm not carrying my 10+1 Sig P365. It fires Factory Speer Gold dots at 1335 FPS. Make that 1433 FPS with Gold Dot bullets in my handloads. I prefer my G33 over the Sig, but carry the Sig most places since it conceals easier....

    ... but prefer the power, accuracy, and full grip handling of my G33 over my Sig365.
    G33 .JPG
  32. Right u cant go wrong there I do wanna get my hands on the ranger rounds. Now those are some good rounds or the golden sabers

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  33. G23 with 357Sig barrel.
  34. I carry a Sig P229 in .357 but the Glocks are great as well!
  35. G31’s have been popping up on GT Dist account on GB.
  36. I seen that as well but I rather have the 4 but for the price gt is asking I might just have a go at it

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  37. I have a Gen4 23 that I carry. In the warm months I have a G32 barrel and I carry 125grn HST, in the colder months it’s a .40 with 180grn HST and bow hunting it’s loaded with Underwood’s 200grn hard cast. I also have a 9mm barrel for fun.
    I would like the get a Gen4 31 one day also.
  38. Seems the 357 Sig is not only powerful but accurate as well, no surprise there.
  39. It's a very lite very fast expanding round that would do well to get 8 to 10 inches of penetration. My choice in the lite and fast bullet category is the Underwood 65gr XD at 2100 fps with 640 ft/lbs of energy and 18 inches of penetration.
  40. I no longer carry a .357 SIG because I standardized on .40 S&W for all of my personally owned handguns. In the past however, I have owned, and carried, several pistols in .357 SIG. I have full confidence in the round for personal protection.

    Even though energy no longer matters, velocity is only important until it surpasses 9mm levels, and all ammunition somehow works best in 9mm but offers no performance improvements to other calibers... The .357 SIG seems to do a great job against bad guys.

    My own agency never did issue the .357 SIG, but a nearby department did. I know a bunch of their guys, and their agency is involved in quite a few shootings. The .357 SIG is impressive to say the least. Those guys killed quite a few bad characters with them over the years. Carry it with confidence.
  41. I never felt under gunned with a g33.

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  42. Sounds like the 357 Sig agency did a good job of accuracy and shot placement in real world use.
  43. My 32 sits in the safe unspoiled by any ammo for a few years now. I cant afford to shoot it as much as 9mm. A normal range day cost me $78 even with 9mm. I shoot 500 rounds at a trip. It was almost twice that with 375. I love the gun but between feeding it or the family my family has to come first.

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  44. I don't know for sure. I have investigated a lot of officer involved shootings, but that particular agency has their own shoot team who handles theirs in-house. As a result, I have not been able to examine the details of their incidents nearly as closely as I have with many others in the area.

    Also, I know that agency recently switched to 9mm pistols. So far, they still seem to be killing folks just fine. I will be interested to see if the trend continues.

    Perhaps it is more Indian than arrow as they say. Either way, I have no dog in that particular fight as I don't work for them. I did however, receive my initial training through their academy many years ago. My own results on the street have worked out in my favor, although those incidents involved the use of .45 ACP, and 5.56mm. I'm hoping not to see how I do with any others.
  45. Well...thanks for planting the seed to spend a chuck of cash at LuckyGunner.com on .357Sig.

    Went with 1,000 rounds of American Eagle and 500 Rounds of Remington Golden Saber Bonded.
  46. It’s finally turned a little less hot here in Central Texas and I’m starting to look forward to colder days so I can carry my 32 Gen 4 OWB again. Love the gun, but probably love the round even more.
  47. I want to get a 357 sig in a 1911. Just because I think 357 is on par with 45 but a bit better.

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  48. I have a G33 and a barrel for my G22. I really love the round but have come to terms with simply having no time to reload anymore, I am not going to fool with such a PITA caliber to reload. Keeping it .40/10MM. I don't really have the $ to buy factory either. as it stands I've barely touched my hillary hysteria reloading components. very well stocked, just need to replenish bullets.

    likewise given up on loading .223. so not worth the effort and time to save $100 a case. and I never shoot my AR anyway. I'll buy that factory from now on. equipped to load, and plenty of supplies to do so, should prices rise again, or a shortage comes around again.

    I really love the round, but my G33 is just very sharp. I realized I didn't want something that packs such a punch in such a small package for EDC> carrying is a breeze. but I want something more suitable for shooting. chances of a gunfight are very small, but I don't want a little pocket rocket. I want something I can grip and manipulate (I have huge hands). I've been rotating my duty G22 and my G29 as my off duty pieces. tax refund will likely see me with a new G23 and call it a day.

    driving my squad car off duty at times also reinforces the idea to have a real fighting size pistol handy on me at all times. you just never know these days.

    growing older and having less disposable income from when I was single, renting, etc. also leads me more to purpose than fun. I simply don't have the disposable cash to just be buying range toys. If I am buying a gun, it's for a purpose. last purchase was my G29 last april!

    btw this really has kept me up at night. my mind is constantly battling .40/10/357 and which to choose. I really, really love the round, so leaving it is hard. I may still wander back. but I am also a big proponent of shooting what you carry, which for me is a G22. I reload .40 for cheap and it is by far what I shoot the most.
  49. I have a 31 with a 22 barrel and a fully set up 17 slide. It is very versatile and lets me play with all the stuff I normally shoot. I bought the 31 to use for hunting hogs in the Texas over dogs. It seems like a good compromise in terms of size and power. I shot a nice hog with it a while back. It was facing me at about 15 feet. I was using Winchester Ranger T and the bullet performed as expected. It entered just below the right eye, went through the skull and ended up about 10 inches into the neck. The bullet formed the perfect "Talon" profile and basically turned the neck meat to gel. Needless to say, the hog died instantly. I still carry it in the woods from time to time, but mostly carry my 10mm.

    It is a great round; glad to see that others still enjoy it as well!
  50. I have a gen3 G23c with a 357SIG barrel, had a Trijicon RMR attached and it's quite nice.