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Who runs their EDC Gen3 naked?

  1. Over the years, I've tried various sleeves (Pachmayer etc) and grip tape on my EDC G26 Gen3. Right now I only have tape on the front strap and back strap. Seems to enhance the grip without enlarging it too much (tape on the sides of the grip didn't seem to really help with the grip that much, anyway).

    How does everyone else carry their Gen3's? Naked or covered up?
  2. If my Talon Grips fall off my 19.3 I probably won't replace them
  3. Naked for me, as much as I like rough texture, I don't like making my Glocks any thicker.
  4. I have become disenchanted with Talon grips,rubber,on any generation. On a gen3 I only like rtf2 grip.
    Otherwise its gen4 for me. Gen3 is too slick for my tastes.
  5. Agreed. Do you have any problems with control with the Gen 3 texture?
  6. No grip tape, sleeves, or any other modifications to any of my grips.
    For me, they are just fine as they came new.
  7. Havent yet. I find the front and back strap texture most important for me. Then again I've replaced most of my Gen 3s for Gen 4, more comfortable grip for me with the gen 4
  8. Rubber Talon grips are the bomb. They work and they also look good. I need something on Gen 3s, the stippling is just terrible. Gen 4's I'm fine with stock. In fact Gen 4s are the only gun I have that do NOT get rubber Talon grips, everything else has them.
  9. Gen3 G36's run as Nature and Uncle Gaston intended.


  10. Naked grips for me.........

  11. Stock everything works for me.
  12. I do not use Talon grips on any of my Glocks. The only one of my EDC's that I have Talons is the FNS 9C, but I'm thinking of removing them.
  13. Try it with wet hands.
  14. I have used skate and rubber gripped material on my Glocks the last 20 years. Just recently I put AGRIP on the remaining (7) Glocks I have and have found improvement. I have yet to fully vet the grip with summer heat and hands soaked with moisture, the accolades though suggest satisfaction.
  15. Nekkid.
  16. QwikGrips for competition and Talon Rubber for carry. I used to run an IDPA stage that had you start with your hands in soapy water to simulate blood, try picking up a stock Glock after doing that. Course we put a towel next to for the 1911 guys.....
  17. Stiptex.
  18. That's by my buddy, D.R. Middlebrooks. Gotta be good stuff. He trained Sgt Horner before he went into the AMU.
  19. that's interesting.... do all matches have things like that going on?
    I've been considering starting competitive shooting w/ a buddy from work.

    to answer OP, naked... prefer Gen 3.
  20. You go to a nudist range? Damn.
  21. I like'em just the way they are .....!!!!
  22. Just as they came out of the box.
  23. The only aftermarket part/s I have used on my GLOCKs are:
    a) an AA 22LR conversion kit on a gen 3 G19 frame.
    b) a stainless steel 9mm conversion barrel on a gen 3 G32.

    OEM part/s is always the preferred choice unless NOT available.
  24. naked
  25. I was using TALON rough/grit finish 'cause I thought it gave a good grip. Just to see, I bought a set of TRACTION GRIPS http://tractiongrips.com/id47.html rubberized finish and it made me change! I took the grit stuff off, replaced with rubber finish and haven't looked back. Looks and seems to hold up better, too. My grandson likes his as well.
  26. Butt ass naked for me
  27. Nothing,nada,naked.
  28. That's why I left grip tape on the front and back strap, although I'm leaning towards doing away with it altogether.
  29. Naked Gen 3 27 here. Tried all the tapes and grips. Just feels better naked.
  30. That's exactly how I'm starting to feel (pun intended).
  31. Not really, that's more hard core IDPA, geared for experienced competition shooters. Takes allot of setup and staging. But if you are new, best thing is to find the closest IDPA/USPA match to you, call the match director and jump in.
  32. Naked however I much more enjoy the nakedness of my RTF2's . SJ 40
  33. Side panels only for me, per Production rules. Carry guns are the same way.

    Even if it was legal, I would not want tape on the front and back straps. That gets me way too committed to the initial index. The gun needs to stay loose on draws and reloads until right before the mount comes together.

    Especially with reloads on a gen3 Glock. It's critical for the gun to pivot freely immediately when it comes out of the mount. With that tiny little mag catch, there's not much margin for error.
  34. Interesting take. Thanks.
  35. Talon rubber texture grips on my G36 and Kahr CM9.
  36. Of course this is pretty personal, and the specific size and geometry of a shooter's hands play a role.

    I remember Miculek talking about how he used talcum powder on his revolver handle to facilitate draws and reloads, because he needed the gun to be able to move in his hand right up to the last instant. That's pretty extreme, but it illustrates the point.

    It's almost impossible to get a 99% draw index every time. But you can learn to break it down into steps that occur while the gun is in motion. For me, that requires the gun to stay loose until the sights are almost on target.

    The gen3 reload is one of the hardest things to really nail consistently. For me, it's imperative for the gun to pivot immediately after the last shot is called to get a fast standing reload. If the gun sticks to your hand as it comes back, it's very difficult to get consistent sub-second reloads with that tiny button and wide grip.

  37. Right now on my G22 I have the rubberized Talons only on the sides, and Grip Force beavertail back strap.
    I really like the beaver tail add because not only does it eliminate slide bite, it also takes some of the "hump" out by flattening out the upper part of the rear grip.
  38. This sounds terribly unsafe.
  39. Yeah...it really does. I'm all for trying to prepare for bad situations, but I don't think bloody hands is something you can really prepare for. Soapy water sounds like a good way to shoot yourself, or worse yet, someone else.
  40. The Talon sandpaper grips do deteriorate over time but the rubberized ones hold up just fine.
  41. I've carried a Gen3 19 for years without rubber or tape.
  42. Stock grips. Haven't found a reason to change them.
  43. I have never run any glove / sleeve / tape / grip stuff on any glock or any other pistol ever. When I buy a gun I make sure I can get a decent hold of it the way it is. I have changed out grips on 1911's to rough texture g10 because I use those for competition and defense and the added texture can be useful if the factory grips are pretty smooth.
  44. Carry nude
    Get a tan

    I can see a run on personalized license plates.
  45. That's fast.
  46. I agree, but until you have a chance to shoot it you don't know how much control you will have. Thanks.
  47. Talon Grips (rubber) on a 42.

    Sorry. I overlooked the Gen 3 qualification.
  48. Mtn. bike innertube. VERY durable, grips well, minimal grip enlargement.
  49. Tried it years ago. I've gone back to bare nekked Glock. Thanks.