Who Played Wargasm?

Discussion in 'The Players Club' started by DesertEagle, Sep 10, 2004.

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    I admit it, I played it, and I liked it. In fact I just reinstalled it. Still runs okay despite being a DX6 game. Other than the ground and shadow graphics being pixellated and the poly count low, it's still looks pretty nice. Of course, perhaps this is because there isn't any recently made similar product to compare against.

    It allowed you to play using armor, infantry, or choppers all in a first/third person direct control scheme which was cool, and rivals any current simulation that I'm aware of. While it did them all arcade-y it was still fun to try the APC vs chopper vs infantryman

    The whole premise of war being fought online in the future with no actual loss of life and the victor taking economic control of the loser is a novel idea (and interesting theory).

    Final Verdict:

    I liked it, and it's still a fairly decent game... Although the controls are a little clunky till you get used to them.