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Who owns both the G30 & G36?

  1. Looking to get thoughts and opinions from those who own both on the similarities as well as the differences and why you prefer one over the other if you have to choose?

    I am on the market for one or the other and I am currently leaning towards the G30. I like the idea of 10+1 rounds of 45acp but at the same time I'm 5'8 165lbs and worry that it may be a tough booger to conceal.

    Thanks for any feedback!
  2. I have owned both consecutively but not concurrently. Started with the G36 and didn't care for it for strictly subjective reasons. I didn't like the feel of the grip (just didn't feel right in my hand) and it would give me a case of "Glock knuckle" after shooting it. Went to the G30SF and it fits my grip much better. Both were very accurate. Can't help with concealment as I use the G30 for GSSF only.
  3. A 30 with the short 9 round magazine hides better IWB than the 36 with the 6 round magazine. I wish they made a short magazine for the 36 like they do for the 30. The 36 may be going down the road for that reason.
  4. Length-wise – yes. Width-wise – no.
  5. The width makes no difference in a Crossbreed Supertuck adjusted properly, at least for me.
  6. I am 5'8" 130 lbs, and G30 is my EDC in Tommy Theis IWB.

    I do not know why uploads from the cell phone git side way......

  7. They are both great guns, and I do have both. I carry the G30 frame with the G36 slide mounted. See the other thread. You must buy both.
  8. I own both and prefer the G30. Greater capacity and just seems to fit my hand better.
  9. G30 shoots the softest, but G36 carries really well.
    I keep the G30sf on the night stand.
    And CC the G36.
  10. Thanks for all the replies and the pictures! I paid visit to a local gun shop and held both. I am now leaning towards the 30. It's more chunky for sure but I really liked the way it felt in my hand compared to the 36.
  11. Try a G38. The grip is just right.
  12. I have both (and a 4th gen 21) but when I carry one of them, it is the 36. It is just slim and feels right; in my IWB (Alabama Holster Hooker) it stays tucked tight with no wobble.

    The 30sf is a great, shoft shooting gun but I usually use it in GSSF matches.

    The only thing that keeps me from carrying the 36 more often is the fact that my G27 has night sights and I have qualified with it at work so I carry it most of the time.
  13. Have owned both, kept the 30, it was dependable.
  14. Can that G30 be had with a Gap floor plate? Like a G26,G27?
  15. I have both, love them both equally, but only carry the 36. The 30 definitely shoots a little smoother, but I love the grip on the 36 and how thin it is for a Glock.