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Who is your least favorite person?

  1. Maybe this isn't your feel good thread of the week, but every time I see the face of Bill Maher I want to puke.

    Who's your least favorite?
  2. Whenever I go see my grandma she's always watching Nancy Grace......... That woman drives me nuts!
  3. i got so many i could not post all of them plus ....

  4. :rofl::rofl: your killing me ash!
  5. :rofl:
  6. There are so many and so little time! :rofl:
  7. Not counting ex-wives?
  8. Crazy Joe B.
  9. Oh, come on. You gotta love Crazy Joe. He makes Dan Quayle look like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein rolled into one.

    He's even dumber than Chuck Schumer.
  10. god.

    i really just flat out don't like that guy.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Rosie O'Donald kind of makes my skin crawl.
  13. EEEWWWWWW. Look at her, she's all hipster greasy. Yuk.

  14. Anyone that tries to ruin this country with their bovine scatology, stupidity, lies and deceit.
  15. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :goodpost:Ain't much doubt who we're talkin about here!

  16. :supergrin:
  17. It's a toss up between two "Men of The Cloth"

    The Reverand Al Sharpton and his buddy, The Reverand Jesse Jackson. Two of the biggist hypocrits to ever live and they have done more to divide America than anybody else I can think of. Always proclaiming they are protecting the down-trodden while lining their pockets and living like kings.
  18. Obama and Holder:upeyes::steamed:
  19. Oh man there are so many that it's almost impossible to answer.
    I could start back with Hanoi Jane Fonda, racist destructive trash like Jesse Jackson, and moving forward to the turd in the White House.

    I guess considering the damage obama is doing to my country, he tops the list.
  20. My mother-in-law.
  21. Dean Wormer
  22. In the media, the list is long.

    Other than that there are two scumbags doing life in the Utah state prison I want a few minutes alone with.
  23. Actually I agree with Bill Maher. Awful person.
  24. Matt Roloff, that little turd drives me nuts.
  25. I am really down on chuck norris, because he could snap the necks of all the turds in today's society and has not gotter done...
  26. Da Man. (Fist in the air)
  27. Dick Cheney. When war came during his time he petitioned for and received 5 deferments to stay out of Vietnam. When he became VP he was instrumental in sending young Americans to an unnecessary and unfounded war In Iraq.
    Now he's walking around alive and someone else is dead because he pulled strings to get a heart (I can't prove this but it's very rare for someone his age to get a heart before younger candidates).
  28. Alec Baldwin .... :puking:

  29. Bill Mahr and Keith Olberman come to mind. They seem like miserable America hating people. I dont hate them, they just seem like they would be absolutely horribel to have a beer with, constantly complaining and such.
  30. Octomom
  31. It's a toss-up, but I give the edge to one of the most dangerous demagogues in the Congress... :steamed:

  32. [​IMG]
  33. Trayvon Martin....what too soon?
  34. Like others have said hard to pick just one there are so many. When I read the thread title two people came to mind, Ben Stiller and Jack Black. I find niether of them funny, Just annoying.

  35. And Pelose.
  36. Well you started off with my answer but there's always the obvious fallback of our current campaigner in chief.
    I become physically ill whenver I happen to catch a glimpse of that face and or inadvertanly hear his voice on TV.
  37. I ate dinner with Jesse Jackson when he was running for President. He came to Germany to visit the troops.
    After his speech, I took a minute to discuss how he thought communism/socialism could be better for S. Africa's people than aparthied. His noble self agrandizing reply was double talk and drama. My reply was if it really communism/socialism really is so much better then why are we sitting here 16 miles from the Fulda Gap still holding back the Russians.
    I got the angry black man stink eye, but no more words.
    He really didnt seem very bright to me.
  38. I'll be the first to say it: Justin Bieber! :steamed:
  39. Richard Nixon. The SOB died of natural causes and he shouldn't have for what he did.

    Lyndon Johnson. Thought the government was the answeer to everything.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The father of government giveaways and government intrusion into peoples lives.
  40. All the above mentioned. Thanks Fellas for heads up...
  41. I hate that subhuman *****.
  42. Nice job so far and I agree with everyone including my ex wife being on the list but the one I didn't hear is our local weather forecasters, how anyone can be wrong 50% of the time and keep their jobs is beyond me...
  43. As far as individuals, my wife's biological parents. Luckily her dad is dead, and died in a most fitting manner. Her mom will spend the rest of her life in a padded cell. It's better than she deserves. After all that subhuman animal did to my wife, the idea that her continued existence is paid for in part by my wife's tax dollars makes me want to throw up.

    Past that, the usual political figures. Anyone who thinks limiting the freedom of others is a good thing when that person isn't hurting anyone else. This includes both how to spend money and what they choose to do in the privacy of their home.
  44. John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Dale Earnhardt, Chuck Norris and Jesus. HH

    J/K, of course....

    After Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Attaturk, Milosavich (sp?) and the three short fat guys from North Korea... everyone else is a rank amateur. HH
  45. This fat POS slob of a human being........

  46. Of my whole life? Richard Nixon, without a doubt.

    Currently: Every televangelist alive, shamelessly fleecing naive people in the name of Jesus.
  47. In my case it would be "type of person", any liberal progressive commie pinko oxygen thief.
  48. The list is long and distinguished. Anyone can get on it. In fact, I'd say, just to be fair, its about 6 billion long.:wavey:
  49. Good one. Definitely a contender for the top spot.
  50. SIL, she cleaned my wife and her other sister out of the inheritance. Being as she was Executor she split the trust three ways and kept all of the bank account because she was listed as survivor on it, about $400K worth.