who in thier right mind would want to put these 2 guys to sleep(story of fostering)

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    these are 2 kittens someone brought to the vet clinic my fiance works at, and the person brought them in to have them put to sleep since some of the others from the litter didn't make it.

    the bottom one was hit and miss for the first few days..we called him Hope..then changed it to Hooper once he was all clear and started eating on his own, the top one was called Gizmo cause he looked like gizmo from gremlins. He was fine, already litter trained and eating solid foods(at a few weeks old at that). Anyway I posted this pic on another board and thought you guys might like to see it, and hear about how they were given another chance and now have new homes of thier own( I grew attached to em, but we couldn't keep em..already have a few pets) heres the other cat of the house...his name is pretty boy hes a 2 legged mancoon..awesome awesome cat..he is pissed off at one of the kittens being pushed close to him...lol


    and here is Gizmo playing during our last evening together..