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Who has best prices on Glocks

  1. Anyone know who has the best prices on Glocks. Maybe like Glock 19 or 26.I haven't purchased any handguns in quite a while. Or would you wait for the Eastman Gun show in Gwinnett in May. Thanks
  2. I would suggest FTF, cost less and less paperwork ;)
    keep an eye out here for a 19 or 26 to come up near you or some other local boards...I was holding out for a local 19 in OD, still waiting...about a year
    If you like a black they come up more often...

    good luck
  3. dissthis explain this to me if i do a FTF. Does it mean that when i receive the Glock that it will be registered to me or the party i purchase from. i've never purchased like this before Thanks
  4. I am not a lawyer...
    In Georgia guns are not registered. You don't even need a bill of sale when purchasing/selling face to face.

    Most people do a bill of sale with buyer and seller info...some don't. I know someone that bought a gun from a police officer...he gave the money to the officer. Officer gave him the gun and they parted ways.

    I guess technically a gun will be "registered" with the ATF to the original purchaser. After it sold there is no requirement to inform anyone...
  5. THANKS dissthis
  6. If you're set on buying a new gun, the Bargain Barn in Jasper, and Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna tend to have good prices.

    I will not buy any more guns new, and will instead do FTF transactions for everything from now on. My two Glocks, and my SKS were purchased this way. The gov't can find my 10/22 and Benelli Nova if they look hard enough. All they have to do is tell the FFL's to turn in their paperwork, and you're pegged. Considering what is happening in our gov't right now, I wouldn't put anything past them.

    I do keep records of guns that I purchased new and later sold to individuals. That way if one turns up related to a crime, I have some sort of proof that I don't own it anymore.
  7. Thanks john makes alot of sense. Been a long time since i purchased a new handgun.Mostly use my long guns for hunting, Going to add a G19 and maybe a G26 to my collection. Thanks
  8. When they get they get the site back up, you can find some good, local FTF deals in the for sale section of www.georgiapacking.org/forum . Also check the for sale section here.
  9. Do the face to face sale. Just write up a short bill of sale and have each party sign it.

    Most used Glocks are barely broken in.
  11. Thanks everyone for your help, i found a very nice G19 on Glocktalk.
  12. :thumbsup: GREAT choice!

    Its not OD is it?? I have been looking for a OD G19 (locally) for close to a year now:upeyes:

    Check out www.georgiapacking.org for local ccw info and a good little local forum
  13. Its not OD but im very happy with it.
  14. (Im on GPO all the time plus Glocktalk) Its also a great forum
    Now i got to leave for a little while to watch 24. Thanks again
  15. www.summitgunbroker.com Best sales prices by far!!

    I got a brand new G19 w/3 hi caps and night sites for $450..and that INLCUDED SHIPPING!!

    $30 discount for military/police/fire dept and such..even retired military.
  16. Keep an eye on the GSSF Forum.

    For about the last 5 months of 2006 Glock itself offered guns to GSSF members at the same prices that Glock extends to individual law enforcement officers.

    A G-19 with standard polymer sights started at about $398, IIRCC.

    That program ended December 31, 2006 but you never know; they might offer it again.

    If they do, you will see it discussed in the GSSF Forum almost instantly.