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I have had no malfunctions with a Glock 23 which has 9300 under its belt, other than dirty magazines or when an X200 is fitted, the X200 induces a FTF rate of about 1%, however the X200 on a Glock 22 does on seem to have FTF problems though it has not been tested with a X200 to the extent the 23 has.

I have only recently started testing Crimson Trace Lasergrips on a Glock 23 and the only faults found so far are the locking pin which comes with the Lasergrips keeps working lose after only 10 or 15 rounds, which affects the point of aim and the fact that the lasers beam points along the slide just where right handed shooters should rest their trigger finger when not engaging a target. The pin working lose can easily be overcome, however the position of the shooters finger getting in the way of the line of sight of the laser could well prove a major problem.
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