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In my bedroom there are two handguns in the handgun safe. A Para Ord P14 Limited w/SFX200 and a G17 w/Insight Tech M6. Both work flawlessly and are ready to go for SHTF. However, I also keep an SF-E2 Executive and a BH-Gladius in the same safe. I like options.

I only carry a light on my primary duty gun (HKUSP.40CLEM w/Streamlight M3) when involved in an enforcement action. Other wise I'm packing my G26 and carry an SF-L4 Digital Lumamax.

While the light is very important I do enjoy a laser and get a real kick pinpointing targets in the dark. I also have an M6 on my duty 870. It gives me a warm and fuzzy when I light up CM on a target.
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