Who do you remember today?

Discussion in 'Veteran's Forum' started by deutscheglocker, May 30, 2005.

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    Jan 5, 2002
    Bridgeville, Pa.
    I remember a high school friend.

    Cliff Haynes and I were buddies in high school(65-67).

    We used to hang out at the local pool and try different dives off a three meter board. I would try half and full gainers for hours before he would show up, landing on my back and sides and generally beating myself up to one-up him in the number of dives we did.

    He would laugh and tell me how it looked, then go up onto the board and do it the first time. He would come up out of the water with a big smile and tell me how neat it was to do it. ( I busted my butt, he did it first try).

    We drank some at football games and worked on cars together. He was my friend.

    Cliff joined the Marines and died on Hamburger hill in Vietnam.

    I didn't go over till after he died. I volunteered but never saw action other than diving for cover when we had a few rocket attacks at DaNang airfield.

    Cliff was my friend and I'll always remember him, especially on this day.

  2. shepsan


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    Feb 27, 2003
    I proudly remember

    R. Anderson
    J.T. Andrew
    R.F. Bowen
    M.L. Cedeno
    E.W .Darrah
    R.M. Funk
    D.R. Gabbert
    R. Harriston
    E.C. Hill
    C.C. Johnson
    J. H. Jorgensen
    P. Lim
    P.H. Lowe
    L. McMurray
    F.E. Partain
    R.A. Rose
    L.W. Seymour
    R.W. Stacy
    F.E. Thorton
    R.A. Ward
    J. M. Wilkins

    These, my squadron mates of VP-871 were killed in the Korean War crewing two PB4Y2 Privateer Patrol planes.

    I have not forgotten them nor will I ever forget them. As long as I have breath in my body and clarity of mind I will remember these young men for their sacrifice.

    Our nation called in its time of need and these twenty-one responded with dedication, pride and vigor. They did so spiritedly in the same way as other Patriots did during America’s previous armed conflicts.

    On Memorial Day, I honor not only the memory of my fallen squadron mates but of all Americans who died in the Armed Forces of our great country. Their sacrifices humble me.

    I thank God for them and shall be eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to serve with men of such greatness.

    God Bless America

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    Dec 10, 2000
    My Father who died just last year (May 14, 2004) at age 88. To me he is a real representative of all those gallant men from WWII who have died and are still dying anonymously except to those who are close to them.

    I have yet to keep the promise I made to him at his funeral that I WILL visit the World War II Memorial the first time I go into Washington, DC (I have yet to visit DC as well).

    May their spirit keep watch over our brothers-in-arms who are currently in harm's way. God bless them all!! ;?;?;?;?;?;?;?