Who are the Terrier people: stories and pics

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    Who has had or currently has terrier(s)? And maybe a separate question: who loves terriers? I grew up with Jack Russels, and have always loved terriers. They are, in my mind, the best group of dog.

    I wanted a Yack Russell Terrorizer, but my wife wanted a breed with a touch less "crazy" in it, so, after much research, we went with a Welsh Terrier. We (as in my wife) picked out the sweetheart in the litter. His name is Moose, and he's exactly the dog we both wanted. She got her "cuddly dog" and I got my little sh*t. He is calm indoors, but has a ton of terrier spunk outdoors. He's also my driving buddy, and he literally goes everywhere with us.


    Share some of your terrier pics and/or stories.