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Glock 19 Who’s got the most?

  1. i know this is probably an old subject but I’ve only been on Glocktalk for about 6 months. Who has the most Glock 19’s? I need to check and see if I’m crazy or not. Well I know I’m a little crazy I just want a barometer on how crazy. I’ve got 4 and a 19X.
  2. Four Gen 4 and one Gen 5 19.... love em!

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  3. 1 and I love
  4. One 19.5 It's now my only Glock and it's all the Glock I need.
  5. Four.
  6. I’ve got one.

    Never thought about buying another.
  7. +1
  8. One ... Gen 2
  9. Your Gen 2 would benefit with a smooth trigger, just saying.
    How many do I have, not sure, I would have to check the safe, I have the one I carry always near, a Glock 19 gen 4. The finish still a gloss black, not a scratch, goes in and out of a Kydex holster every day, unless in the pocket of my track pants (with a built up right side pocket, Wife built!) Best pistol made! The 19.
  10. Just 1 19 Gen 5. My first Glock and just picked it up a week ago. Have only had it out to the range once, but it was flawless through the first 150 round. This will be my EDC gun. Don't think I need another 19, but a 26 or 43 may be in my future....
  11. I like stock triggers ... Personally grooves on the trigger ... I never gave it a thought .. Never will...
  12. Just one now, but your number is fine.

    I do not get why people do not just save some money and get a Glock 19, G17 mag, and an appropriate mag spacer, instead of an expensive G19X. Isn't it EXACTLY the same as a G19X? And the money saved can buy more G17 mags with spacers! And if one wants, one can switch back to the normal dimensions of a G19, if the mood strikes them.
  13. I paid $619 for my 19X. I love it. I also love my 19's and 17. I came into some money and went a little nuts this year. Now I'm just an addict. I guess it's better than being a drug addict. Lol. I guess I should have listed mine
    19 Gen 3
    2X 19 Gen 4' ( one is a Head Down RX-1 )
    19 Gen 5
  14. Three- a Gen3, Gen4, and a Gen5.
  15. G19.5 x 2. Still looking for a couple more for projects when I find serial numbers that I like. Still hoping Glock will drop the half moon cutout!!! :flag:
  16. Check signature..
  17. I used to have several, still have a 19X and I think a 19C kicking around somewhere.

    Replaced most of em with 17s and a 26.
  18. 19X
    4.19 OD
    4.19 Black my CCW
    4.19 BFG
    4.19 FDE
    2.19 Black w/ Austrian proofs
    3.19 RTF2 w/ Gills x2
    3.19 RTF2 FDE
    3.19 RTF2 Black
    3.19 RTF2 Gray
    3.19 OD original first run
  19. Davidson's very likely has hundreds of G19s. But... they are trying to get rid of ALL of them as soon as possible.
  20. 1 gen2
    2 gen4
    1 gen5

    Skipped the gen3
  21. at one time I had 12 or 13 Glocks, down to five now.
  22. Currently 7 - IIRC. More to come I'm sure. :D
  23. 2 of them. 1 gen2 NIB and 1 gen5 EDC.
  24. 1 gen 2, 2 gen 3's and a 19X
    I don't need 2 gen 3's but, I got the one I bought my dad for his retirement. He has passed a few years back and my siblings thought it should come back to me. I will never get rid of ANY of them. So to answer your question (4)
  25. Damn, that’s the best one. :)
  26. Lol. I know. I had a conversion barrel for my gen3 23 and 32. By the time I retired my gen3 22/23/27 for good, the gen4s were out so I got some gen4 19s when I abandoned the .40. I still carry my gen3 32 daily.
  27. Sounds like all your bases are covered :cool: