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Whistle blower Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan on Tucker

  1. Chinese Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan Confirms COVID-19 Created In Lab And Intentionally Released…This Is An Act Of War.

    This evening on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan presented evidence of her confirmation that the Chinese coronavirus was man-made in a Chinese military bio lab and was intentionally released on the West to cause damage, most likely to prevent Donald Trump’s re-election.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFlqXPl_hZQ&pp=QAA%3D
  2. Not a surprise. Now, we have have to compile irrefutable evidence, and make them pay. We have the power to significantly damage them financially.
  3. China has a motive- Trump's America First trade policy.
    Before Covid, the US economy was taking off like a rocket.
  4. Twitter suspended her account. I wonder why??
  5. Fear of China response on the part of Twitter and parent company.
  6. Because social media giant conglomerates are gutless.
  7. China has a motive, per above.

    Who would China rather deal with, Trump or Biden?

    What would be a key move for a Democrat win in 2020? Derail the surging Trump economy ("It's the economy, stupid" -- Bill Clinton).

    So could the ChiComms and the Democrats have come together to conspire with assistance from the Democrat propaganda machine aka The MSM and ...... nahhhh, let's get back to the Russia conspiracy and stealing the 2016 election -- much more believable.
  8. Heard her first just last Friday on Podcast of Bannon on War room Pandemic
  9. War Room is expanding on her appearance as I type this.
  10. Proven terrible people (Chicoms, global leftists, US .gov statist bureaucracy, the never Trump cabal) doing terrible desperate things to nullify the upcoming inevitable re-election of President Trump. Does anybody really believe this is far fetched? Look around at the state of this country...this did not come from some grass-roots uprising...It's been going on non-stop for almost 5 years.
  11. Dr. Yan's been explaining her data on War Room Pandemic for months now. The Main Stream Media (Tucker) is just now catching on. That's a good thing - there are many more viewers on Fox than on NewsMax. But for me, the real news is on War Room Pandemic.

    WRP is on NewsMax for one hour (10pm EDT) daily. But it's actually a two hour show - you can catch the first hour on YouTube. The second how is what's on NewsMax.

    In the first hour today Bannon kept twisting the knife into Mika. Other Chinese defectors (from virology labs) will be discussed tonight on NewsMax.
  12. I wonder how much longer she will live
  13. I think the fact that she basically put her life on the line to break this news strengthens her credibility.

    And she prob will be killed by the Chi-Coms...
  14. One does wonder.

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  15. If I was Trump I'd give her a frigging delta force security detail with a company of rangers for backup
  16. My guess is that she'll soon be be interviewed by Jeffrey Epstein, courtesy of the far Eastern branch of the Friends of Bill. And, so it goes.