whiskey smoked pork/fowl

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    Here's is a good smoking receipe for most birds or pork;

    1: 750ml bottle of a cheap whiskey ( I perfer Evan Williams or Windsor Canadian )

    2: Mesquite or pecan chips or a combination

    3: 1 Boston Butt/Picnic cut or 1 chiken/hen/pheasant/capon/bantam/or cornish hen,etc.....

    4: one pkg of hormel centercut bacon or another brand that equal in flavor

    5: ( extras) salt/pepper/crush garlic/whole onions (optional)


    >cleand dress pork or fowl, removing excess skin,fat,giblets,etc....

    >wash meat and pat dry

    > pork, add you're favorite dry rub and let meat sit unrefrig for about 30mins

    > chicken, produce you're favorite dry rub, coat bird inside out out with a light oil ( olive/walnut/canola )
    insert bacon and onion into center cavity packing it very tight and full. I light to layer a strip of bacon, follow by crush garlic and onions and then bacon again ,etc....

    soak mesquite & pecan chips in a small container of whiskey. The longer the better, but 1-2hrs is just fine.

    start smoking and add chips to the charcoal or lava-rocks.

    Cook Pork at about 200deg and 1hr per pound. Chicken and others cooks slightly quicker so adjust the amount of time and heat for slightly less. Replenish whiskey soaked chips every 30-45 mins.

    Serving: after the pork is fully cook, wrap it and let it sit for about 15-30mins. Then pull or chop pork. For the fowl, just pull out the carving knife and cut away.

    You will have a very good flavor meat with the hint of whiskey and wood flavoring that will bring excitement to you're taste buds. Trust me, this is a very good southern method for adding that extra flavoring.

    btw: if you use the whiskey sparsely, you should have enough to make a few whiskey and water drinks that goes with the meal. Enjoy