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Which subcompact for protection?

  1. Next summer I will be flying helos in North Alberta and I'll apply for Wilderness carry so I was looking to get my first glock for protection mainly against bears.

    I was looking at a G27 with 106mm barrel to comply with canadian laws.


    There are currently no G29 available in Canada so I tought I could get a G27 and a 10mm barrel and some G29 mags for daily CCW and .40 for range.

    Or maybe I could be better off with a .45ACP since I don't reload and commercial 10mm in canada maybe isnt very powerfull...

    I already got a SIG P228 and I'm looking for something smaller.

    What do you guys think?
  2. .454 Casull for bears. Leave the Glock at home.
  3. No such animal as a 10mm barrel for a G27. Also, G29 mags won't fit in a G27, they're too wide and too long (fore and aft).

    In other words, if you want a 10mm subcompact Glock you'll either need to buy a G29 or, buy a G30 with a conversion barrel and 10mm magazines, which, unless you really want to fire .45 also is an expensive way to get a 10mm Glock.

    Is this for brown bear? If so get yourself a good .45-70 carbine, or maybe a pump action 12 gauge loaded with slugs, or at least a big bore magnum revolver if you can't take a long arm. I love the 10mm, but there's no way in hell I'd want to take on a brown bear with one.

  4. Please tell me you are NOT seriously considering a GLOCK subcompact for Mr. Bear. You could easily carry a Ruger Super Blackhawk in .44 Mag caliber with a 4.5/8" barrel and hot 310 grain solid Garret Hammerhead slugs. Otherwise, see bears = go the other way.

    Me, I would take my Marlin Guide Gun in 45-70 with Garret 540 grain Hammerheads as the main stopper. A 12 gauge with slugs as an alternate. My Ruger Super Blackhawk as my back-up.
  5. how do these people fing glock talk :thumbsup: :thumbsup: a glock for bear protection yea right
  6. :rofl: for bear protection???
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  8. The 10 MM is good for some hunting but I wouldn't rely on it for a bear. You need to turn to larger calibers that are intended for taking on game as big as a bear. Smith & Wesson has several such guns, but these appear to be the most compact:

    Model 500ES (.500 Caliber):




    Model 460ES (.460 Caliber)




    By the way, disregard the rude remarks from some of the other users. Most of us are actually nice & helpful :)
  9. They need to lose the cute colored grips. It ain't a flare gun, it's an anti-tank weapon for bear.
  10. I agree with the others that a Glock is not a good choice for bear protection. Glocks are for 2 leged predators. I'd opt for a shotgun, maybe with a folding stock, loaded with slugs. AND a sidearm revolver in .44 mag or higher. Good luck.
  11. Assuming local regulations permit, I would opt for a Remington 870 with a 18" barrel and top folding stock, or even just a pistol grip and a sling. Load it with slugs, keep some flares on hand and a couple of birdshot rounds (gotta eat while you are waiting on rescue).

    The 870 is a super reliable shotgun, and with 12Ga Slugs it is definitly capable of dissuading a bear from making you lunch. The added advantage is it can work as a flare gun as well as a small game hunter. It is compact enough that it can fit in a medium size gear bag with the rest of your survival kit.

    Whatever you choose, make sure you have a excellent quality fixed blade knife on your belt and that you know how to use it for your own survival. It is more likely that you will die of exposure or dehydration/starvation than from a bear attack.
  12. Ruger Super Alaskan- 2.5" barrel, .454 Casull. Great shooter, easy on the hands, not too heavy on the hip. Speedloaders on the other hip.
  13. +1

    Guns for bears has been beaten to death here on GT.

    Minimum for bear protection is a .44 mag.
  14. Nice, but not very helpful, he said Canadian law requires at least a 106MM long barrel. 106 MM is 4.17 Inches, neither of the guns you pictured have barrels long enough.
  15. Ruger Redhawk comes in a .44 mag and has a long enough barrel.
  16. If you want a Glock for wilderness protection and can not find a 10mm than take a look at the Glock 31 in 357 Sig. Buffalo Bore and Double Tap both load a 125 grain FMJ that should give some very good penetration. If you do take a Glock make sure to use FMJ bullets.
  17. If your thinking about the Xframe 500 or 460, their is a performance center model that has a 3.5inch barrel but has a compensator as well, on mine the barrel length is just a shade under 5inches total, Don't know if compensator is added to the barrel length in canada,

    On regards to the 12g, If your looking for a handy item look at the Mossberg JIC 12ga. Pistol gripped, 8shot model 500 either blued or marine coat. comes with a cheesy survival kit, the real plus is the tube, watertight PVC with screw in end gaskets. you can replace the pistol grip with a M4 style stock that will just barely squeeze in. if it doesn't take a hacksaw to it and trim it down till it does. A box of birdshot will also fit in the tube with ample room for alot of other items you feel are needed.
  18. Marlin Guide Gun in 45-70 government?
  19. I would just keep looking for a Glock 29.
  20. Marlin Guide Gun :thumbsup: