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Which shop/shops carry kel-teks here?

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Fellow Bogs,
Sinong tindahan ang may dala ng Kel-Tek here in the Philippines? Do they have the new PF-9 or the P-11? How Much? And has anyone tried shooting it? How does it compare to the kahr PM9? I own a Kahr PM9 and it's trigger is probably one of the best double action trigger i've shot. I'm planning to buy my dad a kel-tek for his everyday carry. Masyado mahal kasi yung kahr para ipamigay :)

Reviews are very much welcomed... Kung bulok ang Kel-Tek... I guess i'll just have to ask my brother to chip in for the Kahr PM9 :)

Thanks in advance!
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last i heard sa nashe yun. pero di ako sure.

here's something for your kahr
front strap grips


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By the way, is the Kahr PM9 is smaller than the Colt Pocket Nine? Haven't seen one for comparison..
Di ko rin alam kung how small ang colt pocketnine e... Pero ang kahr is small enough and light enough for pocket carry. Kel-tek is even smaller and lighter...
A Colt Mustang would also be a very good choice for pocket carry...
mtho, san mo nakita yung front strap grip na yan? di ata applicable sa PM9 e... kailangan ko lang yung grip tape para sa sides. mdyo madulas kasi pag basa e...
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