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Which RDS for the small guns (P365 XL)?

  1. I want a red dot for my sig. What should I get?

  2. Shield RMSc, Sig Romeo Zero, Holosun 507k.
    I don't have a red dot, but I follow the forum.
  3. I am a fan of holosun optics so was excited to see the K series shipping. Good price, lots of useful features and very tough. That is the one I would mount on a 365.
  4. IMG_6553.jpg
    Shield RMSc with glass lens (not plastic lens) on my Hellcat. Thin width. Great leap forward for me compared to irons. I can't compare it to other manufacturers/models, as this is my only red dot. It's not going to be as durable as Trijicon or Holoson if you drop it on the sight, but if you avoid that, you won't have problems. Very pleased.
  5. Is the K series shipping? Been patiently waiting on the 507k.

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  6. Supposed to ship this month. I’d check with optics planet.
  7. Holosun 507K!
  8. Just mounted a 507K on my P365...AWESOME!
  9. I've already seen two Romeo Zeros fail. They appear to be garbage.
    I'm waiting to see the 507k. I've been impressed with Holosun and imagine it will hold up to the legacy.
  10. Anything new yet?
  11. I know we're talking about optical sights, but if RDS stands for Red Dot Sight, what does RMS stand for?
  12. These things are really Ruggedized Miniature Sights... although you sometimes see Reflex Mini Sight. Seems like Red Dot has become the generic term.
  13. Yeah, but now we have green RDS... ;)
  14. I have an RMSC on a P365XL and its been a great combination so far. I've put about 400 rds though it to date. I'd highly recommend it!
  15. I like the Shield RMSc especially since it is aluminum and not polymer. Cost twice the price, but I guess it is worth it.

    Mine has been doing fine.
  16. Another small option is the swampfox sentinel