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Which radio should I buy?

  1. I've finally just about saved up enough money to buy my first Ham radio. I know I want a dual band (2m/70cm) but can't make a decision between the Yaesu 7800R and 8800R. I like the simplicity of the 7800R but wonder if I'll regret not having the dual band receive and the crossband repeat capabilities of the 8800.

    This rig will be just for basic communications (i.e. getting traffic reports, directions, just chatting to pass the time during daily commute). I may want to try satellite communications down the road, but I'm not sure. I'm guessing that the 7800 will do 90%+ of what I want to do. May not work for satellite comm since I think they receive on 2m and send on 70cm. Of course, I could get the 7800 now and then get the 8800 down the road. Put the 8800 in my truck and move the 7800 into the house. Hmmm...I may be able to sneak that past the wife.

    I've come to get the advice of the collective. I was going to put up a poll but haven't figured out how. So, give me your opinion on which one I should get. If there is another radio you think I should consider, please let me know.

    Thanks to all.

  2. I would reply that it depends on how oyu will be operating. I have found out that 90% of all the gee-whiz neat options I never use. Out of the 200 programmable channels I have less the 20 in use.

    However that being said, I really do wish my rig had the independent two-channel option. Also check out the reviews on eham.net for each. If I had the money I would go for the 8800R myself.
  3. Kenwood 700A Should be able to find one cheaper now that the 710 is out....
  4. As far as I know there is only 1 FM capable satellite, but I've never heard it. Also the 450 MHz uplink freq is below 440.000 MHz and would require a mod to transmit there. At least on my rig it did. (mine's not a Yaesu)
  5. I really like and use cross-band repeat. I have a pocket-sized 300mW Icom dual bander that I cross-band to my mobile rig. The mobile rig works the repeater. I would otherwise be unable to hit the repeater with an HT. This way I get there with a tiny HT using rechargeable AA cells. Quite handy.

    Where I live there is not much simplex activity and nearly no repeaters on 70cm and if I didn't use it for cross-band, I wouldn't use it at all and would be just as well served with a single band 2M radio.
  6. there are plenty of FM satellites....

    the ISS is one even (ARISS)
  7. I also wish I had crossband repeat, my 7100 has the dual rec feature and I mostly use the uhf for monitoring non ham stuff, Local FD/PD's still on analog,TDOT[our highway dept.] Use to be a vol firemen and like the scanner stuff. 30 of the 100 + ch are all I use.
    Tough call, but go for the 8800. Later down the road might not come soon enough. You can ALWAYS get a cheep used rig for the house. Bet you spend lots of time in the mobile like me ?

    73, Mike