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Which new Glock, minus the P80, has the potential to become a future collectible?

  1. Ok guys just curious, of any currently available Glock, which do you think will be a potential future collectible and why? The FDE 43X, a version of an MOS, something else?
  2. I'm guessing any gen. 4 gun as it seems everyone is poo-pooing them and GLOCK is discontinuing most models in favor of the gen. 5 guns.
  3. Maybe any of the "L" series??...IDK.. the collector world is a fickle place...I don't know of Anybody who predicted what original G-17's are going for now...
  4. 19X
  5. Plus one for the 19X.
  6. I would guess any oddball Gen4s, like the front serration models or the factory colored frame versions.

    I need a FDE and a BFG to have one of each.
  7. Possibly the silver slides, they are out of production but a few new ones are still available.
  8. +1 on the Coyote Brown 19X and factory issued silver slide models.
  9. 19x

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  10. FBI/USGI 'M's' with black internals.
  11. I'm hoping 19X, just picked one up today at the GSSF Talladega shoot. Blue label ☺
  12. Gen4 31C
  13. All chambered in .40S&W because the caliber is dead.
  14. I've been trying to find a silver slide 43X in my area for about a month with no luck.
  15. Huh. Maybe in your garage.

  16. Not likely with something like 200,000 sold...

    Not hardly. In fact, .40 Gen 5 guns are being released in the U.S. in a few weeks.
  17. Realistically, none. The manufacturing capacity is so great these days (which is great), that true “collectibility” isn’t in anything contemporary in the Glock line. Just my .02
  18. :laughing:
    The West German model made by Sig. :laughing::laughing:
  19. Sure. Right after the 10mm carbine.
  20. That's what the experts in Caliber Corner told me. The real Glock experts hang out in Caliber Corner. They know what they're talking about in there.
  21. I'm voting for the 2017 Summer Specials.

    I think if any Gen4 is going to end up being collectible it has to be a relatively short run AND not recognized as possibly collectible down the road - meaning those who own them don't treat them like collectibles and lose the boxes, carry them in holsters, etc. Obviously anything that's just extremely short run would be the exception.

    I think a possible candidate might be the 2017 Summer Specials, the Gen4 17 and 19 with front serrations. When I do see them on Gunbroker they're almost never advertised as Summer Special and I suspect the buyers are buying to use/carry (at least I hope so). My only concern is that NIB do continue to show up so I have no idea what the actual production might be.
  22. Austrian stamped, gen 4, c models. Most I’ve seen are USA. I had one, foolishly let it go. It was a purple label.
  23. None, unless it’s their first generation, with original box, manual, and all extras, glocks are not collectbale, they are a dime a dozen.

    others are more collectbale, Sig, German made,
    Early Walther , early HK, older S&W’s.
    Glocks have billions of pistols out all over, they are not collectbale.

    Just good reliable firearms with bad triggers.
  24. You've clearly never wandered into the collector forum here. Some go for >$10,000.

  25. Wow, that’s awesome!
    I’ll have to take a look.
  26. You may be well meaning and sincere but you are uninformed about collectible Glocs.
  27. I’m thinking the L or C models and FS. Possibly the the factory color guns.
  28. I vote for the Gen 5 G-22 MOS