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Where are the bottlenecks in what this application does? Is it just basically storage where the only limitation is hard drive speed? Are you serving up big databases so it needs all that RAM, a smokin' CPU and a big drive? Since you do backups to a CD, I'm guessing you're data set isn't all that big. We have a piece of accounting software with high end specs, including SCSI drives. What a bunch of malarky. I think they are getting kickbacks from the hardware manufacturers or something. No way this thing needs a God-box. You may be in the same sort of situation.

Is the current "server" not managing the job any more? Are you going to rotate it into the field as a workstation? If the current box is getting the job done, why go through the time of reinstalling the software on a new box? Just buy a new workstation. If this is a server, doesn't it just sit in a corner and look pretty? Why the 17" LCD?

Anyway... we've been getting quite a few of the GX620s in lately, in mini-tower and small form factors. Haven't noticed any glaring weaknesses in them. Unless you look for a sale, the LCD is pretty much gonna bust your budget if you want to stick to 2gigs of Ram and a dual-core CPU.

Right now just from the website you can get into a 520 with 2GB, dual-core 3GHz CPU, FDD DVD-RW and budget LCD for about $1200.
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