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Which Bolt Action .22 Rifles Do You Prefer?

  1. Over the years I've been lucky to have customers that share their successes with me when they get a new .22 rimfire bolt action rifle that shoots better than expected. Of course, I also hear about those that sadly, don't make the cut, no matter what we do to try things.
    Would like to read about the bolt action rifles members here have that shoot to their expectations.
    I have a CZ 455 FS that surprised the heck out of me when I started testing various .22 rimfire ammunition in it:
    Three different lots of Norma Tac-22 ammunition produced some very enticing groups, that I didn't expect:
    Only thing I've done so far is install "Yo-Dave" trigger. Next, I'll see if "pillar-bedding" the action will make the groups any smaller.
  2. My 52s shoot very good and are a dream to shoot. I think my best results were with a 40X and maybe luck played into it. I was really disappointed in a CZ 455 Target Varmint. I have a M70 Shultz & Larsen that impressed me with irons but it's been a year or two since I shot it and don't remember how well it did shoot. My Ruger 77/22 shots great around 1 1/4" at 100 yards. My Annies and Walther will shoot 1/2 to 3/4 at 50 yards. My Remington 513T with shoot 3/4 at 50 yards. Winchester 75s will shoot with the 513T I've had several of the Savage rifles and all were poor performers. Had a Ruger Precession RimFire that would shoot 1 1/2" groups all day long at 100 feet that's FEET not yards, I didn't keep it long. I think my next may well be a Langley Bench Rest.
    40 X.jpg
    50 Yards Iron Sights.jpg
  3. Well, I only have 1 bolt action 22, my first 22, and it shoots above it's price IMO. A Savage B22 FVSS (I think). I don't have pics, but if I do my part it will shoot 1/2" groups at 25yds with CCI Quiet that I like to shoot in my yard. I feel like I am the limiting factor here, and a better shooter could do more with this gun. I have some various match ammo that I've been meaning to try...that'd help me tighten my groups a bit, I'm sure.

    Anyway, Savage B22. Great gun for the money. Love the accutrigger too.
  4. I'd love to find a Winchester 52C in good condition. Those Model 52 rifles set records back in the day for long range shooting and with no competitors until the Remington Model 37 was brought out, and it was a "slug fest" for years after between those two.
  5. My CZ 452 American with Brooks trigger kit is a tack driver with SK Std+ or better ammo. Bought it back in 2003 and couldn't be more pleased with the fit, finish and performance.
  6. I have a B and C. They aren't hard to find but finding one cheap is the difficult part. My B came with Redfield Olympic irons and a Lyman Supertarget scope for 1200$ My C came with a Unertl scope and no irons for 900$. I paid 275$ for a set of Redfield Olympics for it. I wanted a 52 forever and settled on a 77/22 Target Varmint then got my first Annie then a 75. Finally got a 52 and wanted a 40X. Couldn't find a cheap 40X so spent that money on a Garand. Then the other 52 came along. Kept looking for a 40X and found a guy selling everything his gun club had and bought mine with Redfield Olympic irons for just under 1000$. Want a benchrest rifle now. Bought a nice Kimber 82 but it didn't do it for me and think at some point I'll try to get a Langley. It never ends.
  7. You mentioned a "benchrest rifle" above. I've gone to a few of those ARA matches, only as an observer, to see what armament and optics those folks are using. Couldn't figure why many had such extra long barrels until I was told those are tube extensions so they get a much longer "sight radius".
    Ok, I learned somethin'.
    Many of those guys and gals had some heavy $$$ invested in those custom rifles, and from my estimation, it appeared like at least $3,000.00 in their set-ups. A bit rich for a poor 'ol 'smith who likes to shoot .22 rimfire with rifles only the "unwashed masses" can afford.
    I suppose if I took all my .22 firearms and sold those off, I could then get a "Bill Caffe" set-up, or some custom beauty done by a notable bench-gun builder, but what fun would that be, only have ONE good .22 firearm.
  8. As far as brand new guns are concerned- the Savage Mark II. Plain Jane, wood stock, open sights is a fantastic .22LR for the money.

    More vintage, my Remington 513-T Matchmaster.
  9. My dad bought a Glenfield 70. My first .22. That thing has harvested everything I shot at. I have been allowed to shoot two high level .22 free rifles. (Adjust stock, weights, jacket...)
    The Glenfield shoots (for me) nearly as good as those thousands of $$$ guns.
  10. Winchester model 69.
  11. I was about to buy a CZ when a deal came up for a Ruger Precision Rimfire. It doesn't like (shoot as accurate) with the 15 or 25 round magazines but with 10 rounders and CCI Standard Velocity it's easily an MOA gun and with Eley Target a little bit better. I have to admit, the action wasn't as smooth out of the box as some of the CZ's I've shot but it's most definitely improving and with the adustable stock, fits me like a glove. I wasn't sure what to expect but I've been pleasantly surprised. RPR 22.jpg
  12. a 2002 CZ452 FS. Afraid to even take it out of the safe. Less than a dime with older federal 550 pack bulk all day long. Never tried premium ammo to see what it could do. Ordered from a georgia shop and or distributor who told me only 300 were made or came to the US that year. I emailed cz recently and was told they didnt have the numbers.
  13. Found this photo of a target I shot with my CZ 457 MTR first time out with it. It has a 36x Weaver on it. I don't care for how the stock feels in the grip area but it looks good. Two of my other CZs have irons and other has a K12 Weaver.
  14. I love the Ruger 77/22 VBZ that I bought nearly twenty years ago with the idea that I would start squirrel hunting. Never did get back into hunting, but I have had a lot of fun and enjoyment shooting it. It is very accurate, even with the heavy factory trigger. The relatively low cost is another big plus for a made in the USA rifle.

    Stay safe, Emily

  15. My collection may seem rather pedestrian, compared to some of the beauties I've seen in this thread. I have to confess that I don't have a lot of history with bolt action .22s. I had a few pass through my hands there and there, but they didn't really catch my interest until lately. I had a 10/22 that ran perfectly well. Why would I need a bolt .22?

    Then I got a suppressor. My perspective changed when I realized that the noisiest thing about a suppressed 10/22 was the action. So I went on the hunt for a bolt .22. I settled on the Ruger American Rimfire. I'm kind of a Ruger fan, and sure liked the idea that I could use all of the 10/22 mags that I'd bought over the years. No need to buy new mags? Sign me up!
    Two Rugers 001.jpeg

    As luck would have it, a buddy of mine and I went out to shoot .22s one day, he he brought along his RAR, but his was the Target model. As much as I like my RAR, and I most assuredly do, his was clearly more accurate than mine.

    So when I sold a pistol a couple of weeks ago, I took the cash straight to the same dealer where my buddy had bought his and, lo and behold, a rifle just like his. I had to have it.
    RART 001.JPG

    I'm still waiting on my scope, but I can't wait to shoot it!
  16. Gorgeous rifle! I saw a 77/22 at the gun show a couple of weeks ago and seriously considered buying it.
  17. This is my "I" beam rest that I've used in the past to test accuracy in some .22 rimfire barreled actions. Here again, the intent is to eliminate as much human influence involved with the actual shooting process as possible:


    Testing is done with the complete length of the barrel free floating. Next, I will use the pad on the end of the screw to be adjusted upward to touch the bottom of the barrel to dampen any harmonic waves before the next shot is taken.
    Currently this fixture holds a Marlin Model 80 barreled action to test various .22 rimfire ammunition brands that I have or come across. This barreled action is very accurate with several brands of .22 rimfire ammunition, but not necessarily the same results with other barreled actions installed and the same ammunition.
  18. My father had a Ruger 77/22 which was very nice and very accurate.

    But it was a right hand bolt.

    I’d line to pick up a left hand CZ Lux (not sure if still in production) and a LH 527 in .223 as well.
  19. Marlin and Savage
  20. That's an interesting fixture for testing. Do you secure it to table/bench before using it? Is the mounting blocks just vee blocks?

    Wonder how many of the responders have experience with multiple makers and models or limited experience?
  21. Those are all beautiful guns. I really like the Ruger American Rimfire and an attractive rifle like that really turns this wood loving girl's head. ;)
  22. Those are classics. I have this vintage Win 69 ad hanging in my den...
  23. I have a CZ455 like the OPs, wonderful shooter, got rid of my Ruger American and Savage MKII because the CZ out shot both with a wide range of ammo ranging from bulk to RWS.
  24. After seeing some of these two two rimfire`s posted, i dont even feel mine are worthy of posting.

    Nothing special: :(
    1) Ruger American 22 Carbine (this one is a tack driver!)
    2) Ruger 1022 (i have a few, they just run flawless)
    3) CZ (still waiting to find the right one, then i`ll buy one)
  25. I don't really have a whole lot of experience with different makes and models. As a teenager in the high school rifle club and team we shot some sort of Remington bolt actions. Back in the 90s for three years in the RI Small Bore Rifle League I shot a Model 52 with a Unertl scope on it. Other than that my Ruger 77/22 is the only bolt action that I've fired. When I bought it, I had actually thought about buying one of the Model 52s that Browning was making, but went with the Ruger because of my experience with their other products, and the much lower cost. :)
  26. Biggest gun trade mistake i ever made was when i traded my Ruger 77/22 for another gun MANY YEARS ago. It had the most beautiful highly figured walnut stock i had ever seen. It was also the most accurate 22 i ever owned to date. Sometimes we just do dumb things. Been kickin myself ever since. You cant even buy this gun from Ruger anymore with the wood this gun had. I hope one day, when the gun shows come back around, i might get lucky and find a nice enough one to buy.
  27. I fall into the 'limited experience' category. The 10/22 in my post was my 12th Birthday Standard Issue .22, and it was my only .22 rifle for many years.
  28. Not to steer the thread off course, but,
    Everybody should at least have one good ole`faithful Ruger 1022 in their semi-auto collection.
  29. Hey guys, my brother says CZ makes this one 22 rimfire that has interchangeable barrels? He was telling me this one CZ rimfire comes with a 22 and a 22MAG barrel? Any of you have one of these rifles? I`m wondering if its worth my time to locate one, and how the accuracy is with both barrels. I do have a nice older Marlin stainless heavy barrel model in 22MAG, and that little guy reaches them vermin`s 150yds with no effort. I do like the 22MAG for that reason.
  30. I’ve only had Marlins and CZ’s. I have a couple Glenfield 25’s and two CZ 452’s and a 455. I’m in the market for another. I’m leaning towards a Bergara, or maybe a Tikka or a CZ 457 MTR or maybe a Lithgow. I would like to have a Voodoo, but that ain’t going to happen. I have one CZ 452 that is amazingly accurate for the money. The other 452 is unfired so far.
    I have the antique gun lgs next door to where I work on the lookout for a BRNO 3 or 5, Winchester 52 or Remington40x.
  31. That is fabulous birthday present! You must have been so happy and proud not just for the gift, but for the trust in you that your parents were showing. :) I know just how you felt because my parents gave me a Winchester 290 on my twelfth birthday. It is still with me today. :)

  32. That's a gorgeous rifle!

    12-year-old me didn't think about the trust issue. I was very excited, though. Couldn't wait to go kill a Horde of Soup Cans.
  33. Thank you Spats. I`m not finding it in the 22/22MAG though. My brother swears it exists. I`m not doubting my brother, i`m just not finding any info on them in that particular combo.
  34. NICE!!!
    I`ve got one of those, good lil shooter!
  35. I knew that the one I posted wasn't exactly what you're looking for. If I happen to run across it online, I'll post a link.
  36. Thanks Spats, i appreciate that. If you DO happen across the 22/22MAG combo, shoot me a PM.
  37. Read the description. It talks about .22LR, .17HMR and .22WMR.
  38. Yeah i saw that, but i cant find one in the 22/22MAG combo, which is the CZ combo i wanted.
    I looked on their website again, but still haven`t found anything in the 22/22MAG combo.
  39. The closest ones I've found to what you're looking for are all 3 calibers.
  40. I bought a Ruger 77/22 Walnut back in the 80s and tuned it up a bit and it would put a box of RWS subsonic HPs into a 1/2" at 100 yds. Not so good with other types of ammo. Loaned it to a friend and since he had the timerity to die on me , I may not get it back.
    My latest acquisition is a Ruger American compact. It is squirrel accurate to 50+ yds. The most fun though is plinking away at 250 yds at steel where if there is no wind blowing it can hit a steel 6"plate a satisfactory number of times. Std vel or subsonics do the best. The CCI Quiet ammo is interesting, accuracy is "adequate" for its power range.
  41. Here is my semi-auto Thompson Benchmark .22LR heavy barrel , a real tack driver
    and my .22LR vintage 1946 CE Mossberg 46B(a) single action with 22 LR cartridges mag capacity in like new condition after I refinished the stock , the rear sight that was missing and a few other parts . The rifle have had very little use thru the years when I bought it , so the metal finish is perfect and the bore is pristine . The gun shoots beautifully, it is smooth as glass and it is more than enough for me . They knew how to make rifles then , for sure .
    I recently posted it on the photos site .
  42. Ruger 77-22, deep down I know there are better 22 bolt rifles out there, but the mag compatibility just makes it too enticing, and as said earlier everyone has to have a 10-22 :D
  43. For sure. I use four clamps, two on each side to hold the I-beam down and solid on my shooting bench. The holding blocks were bored round and I use various diameter sizes of split aluminum sleeves for the receiver bridge diameters on the actions. The picture below shows a better view of the aluminum sleeves used. Also shows the "single round loading adapter" that I machined from a solid block. Comes in sorta handy as all I need to do is drop a round on top of the adapter and shove the bolt forward and the round goes directly into the chamber:


    On the left side of the I-beam I have a block that holds my spotting scope mounted. Makes those tiny holes much easier to find on the target.
  44. I was 10 when I got my first .22 rifle, a Winchester Model 67A, single shot. the rifle was longer than me with it's 27 inch long barrel. My Dad took a picture of me with the rifle next to my side, buttplate down. It sorta looked like the pictures of those Japanese soldiers from WWII holding their rifles.
    I still have that rifle, only now it sports a scope I mounted, only so I can hit stuff shot at:

  45. And/or a Model 60 Marlin.
  46. Had my scope mounted today!