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Which .45 should i choose in this new landscape..

  1. Im not a huge 1911 fan but I have two, a ruger and a S&W e series buried in the safe ...in the last few days I have been thinking maybe I should trade them in and go to something alittle more tactical and polymer like a M&P 45 or a FNX ..any thoughts..?????
  2. I’d try a Glock 21(gen.3).
  3. My M&P 2.0 .45 (full size) is probably my favorite handgun. Lots of good choices out there nowadays.
  4. How did you acquire your current 1911s? Sentimental value?
  5. Now isn’t a great time to be selling/trading non tactical equipment, if possible.

    When we come through this(I believe we will but it will be a while)put them up for sale/trade.

    Heck, I’ve had an MSAR rifle listed off and on for a couple of months and now I have an interested party wanting to trade! Let’s see what he wants to trade though!
  6. I'd suggest going with the brand you have familiarity with. Glock 21 is a good option. The gen4 is my pick for the reduced grip and double recoil spring.
    Maybe keep one 1911 though.
  7. I love my HK45. It is my bedside gun. I've had it for quite a few years. I like it so much that I bought two P30L's (the HK45's 9mm sibling) for carry and IDPA.
  8. Thompson SMG.
  9. Glock 21 is a great option IMO, however the M&P 2.0 .45 Auto is another fine option. I've not had the pleasure of owning an FN or H&K in .45 so I can't speak on their reliability, but I'm sure they're suitable options as well.
  10. yeah....the G21 would do very well. I had the G21SF years back. It was a great pistol but it just didn't fit my hands. I brought it to the gun store and said I'd like a "modern" polymer .45 (I already had enough 1911's) but told them the G21 was just too blocky for me. I had never held an HK up until that moment. That is what the store owner pulled out of the case though. He said "try this". It felt as comfortable as an old pair of blue jeans in my hands so I left with it.

    You can't go wrong with a Glock though.
  11. 395ADFB1-01D1-41D5-B54B-09D7AE87AF6A.jpeg B56EBB79-D6EE-4ED0-8961-A16C6F0308CE.jpeg M&P.45 2.0. These 2.0 Smiths are fantastic guns. Smooth , accurate and soft shooter.
  12. Consider a G30s. It’s the caliber you wish, nearly the size of a G19 thus concealable, and has good magazine capacity alternatives. Also, it’s legal in the states that have 10 round magazine capacity limits.
  13. I will gladly trade you a G21 or a S&W M&P 45 for your S&W E
  14. I'd say keep the 1911's, not a great time for their sales from what I'm seeing. If you want a 45 not mentioned and a great choice the Ruger SR45. If you sell one a definite step up would be the H&K USP 45, and a G21 would do nicely.
  15. Another vote for the M&P full size 45. I am also going to throw out the Sig 320 full size 45 for you to think about. I really enjoy shooting mine. Very comfortable, little recoil, and VERY accurate.
    This was my very first shot with mine if I remember right it was 10 yards. It hasn't let me down on a range trip or match yet.
  16. My 1911's are going nowhere, and I'm waiting on another I ordered. Good timing ordering a pistol, huh! I had a G21 and thought it a very good shooting pistol for 45acp, but wound up trading it off. Couple years ago got a G41 mos with the one time Vet program and like it even more than the 21.
    As much as I like it, I'll do you a favor and trade you straight up for your S&W E series 1911. You can thank me later...
  17. You’ll take a bath just reading in those 1911s, but do with them what you wish. People do it all the time. They spend a ton of money with nothing to show for it.

    As for a purchase, the FN is a great option. :cool:
  18. S&W .45s, yes definitely. :thumbsup:

    But do it Old School ...


    :laughabove: :cool:
  19. Old School model 645, my opinion best looking gun ever built with that shiny slide, rear of grip built like a tank. Carried one early 1990's, it sure did get perps attention, bight shiny steel, .45 black hole.
  20. I love my SA XD Mod.2 .45. I put a TLR6 on it and love it! 14 ashtrays and discount mags. after the purchase from SA. The only "tactical" .45 I'd ever consider for serious work. It fits my hand(perfectly!), has a great trigger and holds lots of BIG bullets!
  21. Yep! ...

    And the 3rd Gen .45s were no slouches either. Mine's an ex-L.E. trade-in that's still going strong.

    S&W 4566.
  22. Same here. Love mine and GAG has them in stock for $609.99 .
  23. now is not the time to make changes in guns. wait until this outbreak blows over and there will be a lot of guns to trade for.
  24. One of the few guns I keep out of the safe is my FNX-T with an RMR and Surefire laser/light combo. I don't know how it compares to some of the others out there, but it goes bang every time I pull the trigger. Even with my crappy reloads.
  25. The SR45 is one of the most underrated handguns on the market. Mine is totally reliable, holds 11 rounds, and is one of the most soft shooting .45 ACP guns I've ever owned.
  26. My favorite "tactical" .45 would be a Hk USP45 but I still love a good 1911!

    As far as 'these times', I want CAPACITY. That to me means a 17 rd 9mm in my holster and an AR-15 close by.
    If people really get crazy and we see gang looting or rioting, you may have several targets to deal with....
  27. I don't think you will go wrong with any of the top brand polymer 45 pistols . Try and hold one first if you don't have the option to shoot it . The only one that I have experience with is the Glock gen3 21sf . It impressed me and I own 1911's . I shot it just as accurately as my 1911's .
  28. Shield .45.....accurate soft shooting and reliable.....and it doesn't weigh 39 ozs. :nsb:
  29. Nice looking Smith. Even though I'm not a fan of the slide mounted safety, I think these guns where very much unappreciated back in the day. Everyone wanted a Beretta or Sig...
  30. I LOVE my FNX-45! The softest shooting .45 ever. Plus, what's not to love about 15+1 capacity from standard magazines? It's not concealable, but makes for a fantastic "apocalypse sidearm."

    As a bonus tip - add a DPM Recoil Reduction System RSA to the FNX-45, and you're getting down to 9mm levels of recoil. Its pure pleasure to shoot.
  31. I have a number of .45s, but my current favorite is a Walther PPQ which I bought not too long ago. 12 +1 capacity. Don’t know if that’s an option for you, but I am really happy with that purchase.
  32. One of the few plastic guns I’ve let go and would come back into is a usp-c .45. I prefer it over the Glock’s that I kept for sure.
  33. do you have any must have requirements? is size a determining factor? i have a G36 for carry because it is so easy to hide. i had a G30sf previously, but is was a little bulky for me to carry, although it was a sweet shooter. i would really like to try the G30s, but don't have the money right now. how a gun carries should be a big point in your purchase.
  34. That's a great price. I bought mine back when they were $1000!! :crying:
  35. We reckon a Glock G21 is a very good handgun for about any foreseeable landscape. Its one fault is its size, which makes it relatively inconvenient to conceal (for us, at least). We think there is certainly nothing inadequate with variants of the 1911A1.

    We trudge on.
  36. In these times the only reason not to carry a 1911 is for lack of capacity. So if you live in a area where multiple targets is a real concern is go with the find in 45. It is not huge , with the right holster can be carried own with a flimsy shirt as a over garment. Can be carried sucked and locked which is huge for me and the most important 15rnds of 230gr, of fck you up in a gun that is managanageble and easily concealed

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  37. [​IMG]M&45 with 14 round extended mags is an excellent pistol. A G21 with 25+ round mags is hard to beat. Actually have a couple extended mags that hold 28 or 30.
  38. I really want the IWI 941 FS45
  39. The S&W striker fired guns in 45 acp seem to fit normal sized hands better than the same Glock models.
  40. Agreed. The HK45 or the G21.4 would be the first I'd consider.
  41. BINGO!!!
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    growing pains?
  43. No love for the Glock 30 gen4??
  44. Occasional failures to feed.
  45. Best single stack polymer 1C4508F8-2627-441A-8D0D-756884263117.jpeg 45 both holds 7+1 (extended mag)

    Shield 45 and SA XD-e 45
  46. 0325201019a.jpg My XDM is a super soft shooter. PRP trigger is great. Easy to shoot well.