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Where to rent and shoot P2000sk?

  1. I have been very interested in buying a P2000sk. Does anyone know of a range in S.Florida the rents the sk. BTW I'm in Miami,FL. Thanks

  2. I am not a Floridian but I would suggest asking here:

    I do have a P2000sk and I love it. Mine is in .40 S&W and has an LEM trigger. The recoil is very easy even with the .40 round. It is an excellent gun and a good carry piece. The LEM trigger is very nice once you get used to it. I recommend trying it out before you do though. IF you dont like it you can always get the Variant 3 which is a DA/SA trigger.
  3. Thanks for the response. My compact is a Variant 3 and I love the DA/SA trigger. Never tried the LEM though. I'm a big guy, with big hands. I would really like to fire one before I take one home for good. I will try HKPRO.
  4. Guys with big hands can have issues with the pinky extensions pinching them.

    I would suggest running by Lou's police Supply, in Hialeah. That way you can atleast see how it feels in hand. They'll probably let you dry fire as well.
  5. I actually bought mine from LGCubana. Great gun, gotta start collecting HK's now...

    Luis S