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Where to find a surplus military body armor ?

  1. Hi to everybody, does anyone knows where could i find a surplus military body armor ( flak jacket, bullet proof vest )in Manila? Idea on how much is it or an estimated price? will go to manila for a few days and i have no idea were could i find the military surplus store...
  2. Hello! I don't think a flak jacket is bullet proof, all it can do is to protect you from low velocity grenade & mortar fragments. Against high velocity projectiles, malamang talo ka. Yung body armor as in used in Iraq, wala pa sa surplus yan.

    Si jerrytrini mayroon for sale. Try to pm him.
  3. if you are willing to spend good money, just get second chance vests. they have everything from the monarch (parang t shirt pero hanggang NIJ level II yata) to the super heavy protection na gamit nang bomb squads.

    do a google for "second chance vests"
  4. thanks a lot for the replies....second chance vest cost a lot of money...our city recently purchased this vest for our swat and cost 35k for level IIIA....so, flak jacket ay para lang sa mga shrapnel...ah okey....i thought it could also stop handgun bullets...save ko muna para maka second chance nalang...
  5. sabi ng consultant ng twin pines meron ata sila eh. benentahan pa ata fatherhood ko. try mo sa tpi sir.
  6. Well, that's the price you have to pay to protect yourself. ;) Kidding aside, a friend who is a police officer let me try his vest. I wanted to take it off after 30 mins. It was just uncomfortable. He said that it would take a while to get used to it.

    Also got to try a Vietnam-era flak jacket when I was still living in the Philippines. That thing is HEAVY! The older flak jackets had metal plates. The newer ones are much lighter and made of composite materials.
  7. You can have mine for just $400.00 The vest is already in Manila, unused, still in plastic. It also has a titanium trauma plate insert.
    Level IIA (recommended level to street cops in L.A.)Large size. It will defeat .44 mag, .45 ACP, 9mm and other handgun rounds. Be aware that it may or may not defeat rifle projectiles. This model is an improved version of what I wore daily for 11 years. It is quite uncomfortable for the first few days but you'll get used to it.
  8. Officer Jerry's pricing sounds good, nearly 20% off normal retail,
    plus I'd be more confident about proper storage: I've actually
    seen some shops storing their vests HUNG (as in, on hangers),
    with the plates inserted!!!
    :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  9. You never use hangers on your vest unless the kevlars are removed and the carriers are aired out.