Where to find a book when all else fails

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    Alexander Suvorov was a Russian general who was never defeated in battle. I wanted a copy of his book. Thought it would be easy IF (notice the capital letters) the US Army understood that the first Soviet space capsule were named after the general and that his doctrine is still being taught in the Russian military today. I was wrong. There was no English translation (which meant to me that the US Army is asleep). So I sent an email to a Russian speaker at West Point and got a response and I ordered the book from Moscow.

    The response was to go to Worldcat. It asks if you want a copy of a book or tells you where the book is in a library in the world. A Moscow publisher made a translation into English in 2013 and a copy was in a Spanish library in Madrid.

    My next project will be to go through my notes. A while back, I was trying to find a book written by a French nobleman who used the word "communist" about 70 years before Karl Marx. I had managed to find a sole copy in a library in France. Next I will use Worldcat to see if there is a library in the US where it can be obtained on inter-library exchange or can be purchased. Doesn't matter if it is written in English or French.