Where in the heck did MS *put* their anti-malware app?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by MB-G26, May 12, 2005.

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    So I ran security updates earlier... blah, blah..... No, I didn't take SP2, still. So, on XP Home SP1, with direct install done at the time from the MS update site, where in the heck did it PUT its anti-malware app, what's the darn file and subdir name, and why can't I find it anywhere on this machine?.

    I've looked everywhere from various locations of 'temp' to "downloads" to every possible MS app listing in start, to startup subdir, under every user profile, every (supposedly logical) subdir, even in add/remove sw - but no mention of the darn app anywhere.....

    What the heck is is called, it supposedly already installed itself, and I can't find any mention of it in admin/services, either.

    Oye. Did I mention I still hate Bill Gates? I know, I know..... and after someone comes and finishes finding my house (be happy to upload a digital pic of the disasters) THEN I'll freaking "learn Linux" and make both kiddo and others ever so happy.. till then, I have to just keep on beating XP w/a stick until I can make it behave like I long-ago tamed 98.......

    Where is MS's malware app on this machine? ;1
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    You can't find it because it does not install on your computer. MS's malicious software removal tool is in a self-extracting CAB executable, and adds no files to your computer.

    The tool runs once, and then it's gone.