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Where are all the DW CBOB's?

  1. Can't seem to find any...
  2. I have a used one for sale $1100 + shipping :wavey:

    Great condition! PM for more info.
  3. there's a shop near me that has one.
  4. I got mine!! :wavey:
  5. no more c bobs are being sold except in kalifornia this year. there is a 2 tone one by me. pm if you want the info. i wanted one too but i had to go with a fullsize for my first 1911
  6. I don't know where the rest of them are, but mine is peacefully slumbering in my safe as I type this. :supergrin:
  7. I bet you can get one in any state where it's legal.
  8. Discontinued for the most part.

  9. Youse should be slumbering also,:fred:

    I want one myself,finances dictate/NO.'08. :crying:
  10. search button- talked about at length all the time.

    High demand for a low quanity production item. Only available in CA for 2010 b/c its on the list and getting new guns on the list is really hard. People in the other 49 states get to fight over Vbob's. Straight from Keith @ DW.

    I already have one so :tongueout:
  11. I was under the assumption it is a popular seller... why would they discontinue it?
  12. My is cuddling up next to my Valor.

  13. It was/is very popular. Wesson is taking the Valor model and making a VBob this year in leiu if the CBob. The only reason the CBob is being made at all is because it is legal for sale in Kalifornia and they don't feel like jumping through all the hoops to start selling the VBob there.
  14. One of my local shops just got a couple in last week.
    Otherwise, I think you have to buy one from a scalper. :)
  15. (deleted)
  16. It looks as if there are 10MMs available, but .45 ACPs are scarce.
  17. And you wont either. As of 2010 CZ has dropped the CBOB from their line. I spoke to the CZ rep last week. There are a few new still out there and they (CZ) have raised there dealer cost on this gun to 1200+.

    It is being replaced with the VBOB with a retail of 1500-1700 for their entry level gun.

    Just so you guys know I let that CZ rep have it with both tubes. They have priced the average 1911 lover of the CBOB out of their market and no one really even knows who they are.

    To their credit, they do have some kickarse shotguns coming out at a fair price.

  18. Just seen 2 or 3 practically new CBOB's for sale in the want/ads firearms listings, right here on glocktalk!
  19. Several weeks ago, I posted a link here where Keith listed what models and production quantities were to be produced, in '10, and market limitations on one or two models.

    People can look it up again on one of the 1911 forums if they care to.
  20. one at my house

    check bigskyguns

  21. I found four NIB 2009 CBOB's at the Chantilly gun showtoday, there is only 3 left now. Look for the big CZ-USA sign.