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When you click on a topic and see that

  1. it runs more than a few pages, how far do you read?
  2. tl;dr
  3. I usually quote/answer the OP. I might read a page or two.
  4. Depends on how well it holds my interest. Sometimes only a couple of posts. Sometimes I'll read the whole thread.
  5. Depends on the topic and frankly, who's contributing to the thread as well.

    If it is on COVID though, I don't read any. :)
  6. Sometimes it's hard to look away from a train wreck.
  7. Reported.
  8. very true
  9. Depends on the topic. It's not unusual to pick up the way the thread's going to go in the first page or two. If it's a serious question being asked by the OP, and I feel like I may have some insight to offer, I'll usually respond very quickly.
  10. Depends on the subject.
    If I'm interested I usually read every post.
    I usually learn a thing or two and get entertained at the same time.
    Folks on here are a hoot and never fail to deliver.

    That's the purpose of the internet. Learn stuff and mess with people.
  11. I'm not sure on your layout but I see how many pages before I even click on it.

    How much I read depends on the thread.
  12. Depends on what is going on...if a real dumpster fire, I scan through it. Sometimes people get a little too carried away coming up with a catchy tittle that ends up being a big let down.
  13. Did Hannie start the thread? If so, most guys are in for the duration.
  14. IBTL.
  15. Read? Usually all of it if under 10 pages. I don't post after it's longer than 2-3 pages.
  16. If it's interesting I will read it all then reply, it is rude to parrot what some one else has already posted because you was to lazy

  17. :cow:
  18. First and Last

    My time is valuable posting cat videos

    lazy cat toy.gif
  19. If it is interesting enough after I read the OP I will usually read them all. The exception is when 2 or more posters start arguing like 12 yr olds.
  20. Get your:okie: own mascot
  21. TTIWWP
  22. :cow:
  23. Some long threads are interesting and informative, and I often read those all the way through. The ‘entertainment’ value is of little importance to me.

    I learn a lot on GT, and I think the current membership is helpful and willing to engage in lengthy discussions in a civil way. We are fortunate to have some very smart and highly experienced people who contribute to threads here every day.
  24. What the hell does reported mean?
  25. Get your own mascot:okie:
  26. 585C2F81-A3D3-4FC1-9877-3C0258DC8339.jpeg
  27. First and last page. I can usually tell by the last page how things went and if i catch an argument going on I might go back a few just to see some of the rif.
  28. Same here, if it's interesting or humorous I'll read most of the post. Just depends on the day, time etc
  29. @ChuteTheMall made a smart-ass reply (too long;didn't read) to @DAKA 's original post. To add to this hilariousness, I announced that I was reporting his post, even though I didn't.
    However, never ever tell when you actually do report a post. Announcing it means you really didn't do it. :D
  30. It’s a joke, i say a joke, son!!
  31. I probably wouldnt read the thread but I probably will post a reply
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  34. First post and then jump to the last page.
  35. It's teasing.
    It's mocking the process of folks getting banned. At least that's how I recall. It's been going on for a long time.

  36. If I am seeking knowledge, I will read every post.
  37. I just skipped to here... reported it, then i`m in before the lock :]