When will health care bill reach the population?

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  1. alfred10


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    May 18, 2008
    When will this bill take effect? What will is do in terms of gun control? What happens if you dont list your guns? How long is the bill good for? Seems like many people wont want to work full time now. I could make more working two jobs part time than one full time...

    It said that it will allow people to remain on their parents until 26. Will I be put back on my parents policy? I was cut off when I was 23.
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  2. rboatright


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    Feb 26, 2010
    Different parts of it take effect over the next five years. Parts of it take effect onn signature, others in 6 months, others out as far as five years.

    Absolutely nothing. There is nothing about gun control in this bill.

    See previous rock

    "forever" -- althouugh, of course, the bill will be ammended every year just like medicare and SSA and investment regs and credit card regs and everything else is.

    That would depend on a number of factors. Until we find what the insurance exchanges will be actually offering and at what price, no one really knows.