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When will a Federal judge ban long arms

  1. ...in a protest or free zone by police agencies?
  2. Dunno. When?
  3. Second Tuesday of next week at 10 o'clock in the afternoon.
  4. Wonder if the nation can ever stop this legislation from the bench? The courts were to be one of three co-equal branches of the national government but seem to have made themselves top dogs.
  5. Long arms or "assault" weapons.

    I have a LOT of friends who hunt, shoot clays or whatever who don't see the need for anyone to have an AR or AK but support your right to have one. Strangely, when I take them out to the range every single one them.....every single time...."I got to get one of these." Maybe its because I offer to pay for the ammo? I have a lot of cheap friends.

    They want a fire? This might be the match.
  6. Never
  7. sayin' they are banned and gettin' em are 2 different things
  8. G33

    So start a petition, you're probably dying to.
  9. I heard there was a judge in Hawaii working on it :D