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when riding with someone ...

  1. do you like back seat or front seat ?

    i usually drive because i get sick in back seat .
  2. My now deceased grandmother (who never learned to drive) would only ever ride in the back seat, passenger side. She also only or entered or exited a house through the front door. Had one (only one) alcoholic drink every day - even during prohibition and the Great Depression. Loved cheetos and miniature Snickers bars. Lived to be 103 and never had decreased mental function.

    Amazing lady. I'm a grown man and miss my Nana. I think about her and sometimes think I'm doing life wrong. Maybe I should sit in the back seat, passenger side.
  3. Hookers and blow or are we just going to the club?
  4. Normally I do the driving as Dad does not see so well any more. After TKR I rode front seat passenger side for a while.
  5. I'm usually naked
  6. going to subway and look for women .;)
  7. Up front then.

    Can we go to Jersey Mikes instead? I am afraid detectorist will be at Subway stealing wifi and some truck drivers might start a gunfight.
  8. Shooting iced tea from your nose hurts. :fist:
  9. After being on this site for a while I have learned not to have a mouth full of food or drink while reading posts!
  10. Chicks ride on the tank, otherwise... Never Ride B*tch!
  11. Firehouse Subs. Try the meatball sub. It's got meat and balls. We all know how you like that combination.
  12. I'm 6'2ish with a 30" inseam, so unless you have an S-Class or a 7 Series, I'm riding shotgun.
  13. Okay you drive
  14. Last week's Ho of the Week gets to drive me around this week. Backseat, m'****a....
  15. My condolences on your inquisition
  16. :laughabove::laughabove::laughabove:
  17. What're you, some sorta go-rilla?
  18. One of my major control freak issues, among many. I HAVE to drive, unless my wife has said, if you are ordering a third drink, give me the keys. I humbly comply, and bite my lip the entire return trip.

    I cannot stand the way ANYONE else drives. It is always wrong, wrong, wrong, they wait until the last minute to change lanes or react to changing traffic situations, and most of the time get jammed up in someone else's dysfunction.

    I have, conservative estimate, over 3 million miles on the road. I have 1.8 million I can document, from mileage reports, from 1999 to 2012, from 1980 to 1986 drove hotshot for both oil field and retail food service. If someone had a shipment of live Maine lobsters coming in on a Gulfstream, that they needed at a party in the next 45 minutes, I was their go to guy. Niche industry, God, wadda country.

    Nobody sees traffic like I do, and it took some therapy for me to finally realize that. I have never driven an 18 wheeler, but learned to think like they do, in that people are idiots, and absorbed in their own little world. You have to anticipate all the idiots, that act like Ma Kettle's first time on the interstate. Or some coked out Panamanian's first time on a country road.
  19. Excellent recycling.
  20. Front is always preferred (more leg room).
  21. Is this a typo? A 30" inseam is pretty short.
  22. My long lost brother!
  23. Only plebs ride up front with the help.
  24. Was about to say, I'm also 6'2" and I need 35".
  25. I'm 6'2" too.... if I stand on the counter.

    Most people aim for center mass. I aim high, for the nards.
  26. I wouldn't be surprised if I was related to Donkey Kong.

    Funnily enough, a distant relative of mine was executed during the Inquisition. I don't know if he got the rack or the comfy chair, though.

    Unfortunately, no. It makes shopping for cars a massive pain since a lot of cars either don't have enough headroom or I just can't see out.
  27. I gotcha. You aren't complaining about leg room.
  28. Not really, was a 32 for over 40 years. I switch back and forth between 32 and 34, depending on the cut and the maker.

    I worked with a guy that wore 30/38 for several years, all he wore were Levi's, and am proud to say that in 1997 found him an online source, so he could get his jeans shipped to his door. You are welcome.
  29. Me too, only under my clothes. :drunk:
  30. Oh, I don't need a source for jeans, but thanks.

    You don't think a 30" inseam is short for a man? Especially one who is 6'2"?
  31. I'm 5'8 and a little change and I have a 30" inseam...and I have a really long torso as it is...
  32. I like to ride in the front seat where the seatbelt cutter is because everyone knows you never keep a safety tool like a seatbelt cutter in the back........
  33. It depends. I've worked with guys that were 38/30, and guys that were 30/38. Guys come in all shapes and sizes, just like women. The center of my universe is 38/26, after pumping out 3 kids. I'm not going to judge anyone based on dimensions.
  34. You have it backwards. It only goes in the back. :freak:
  35. I wasn't making a statement based on his worth as a person. It was more "that is really outside of the bell curve, am I understanding you correctly?" followed by "thanks for the clarification".
  36. It's not a problem. Just get behind plywood, pie corners and do not drop any mags on the ground under any circumstances. Shoot very slowly and reload only from slide lock.
  37. The back seat of the Maybach because the Champagne cooler is between the seats about shoulder level.
  38. Why are two people involved in the cranking process? Seems like make-work for one of them.

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  39. Duh. Government job.
  40. But what if my ratchet is rusty?

    I returned one and it was replaced but now I have another that I might try to fix.........
  41. Do you want to know my wife's measurements?
  42. Pictures are better. Not as good to lick words or numbers.
  43. It's imperative that all the replacement parts be OE. You must not use any aftermarket or modified parts. Do not attempt to apply any kind of common sense or personal experience.

    Non-stock parts are only suitable for silly toy ratchets, and have no place on serious weapon ratchets.
  44. Ever licked 4 way window pane?
  45. Even when my sister and I were in our fifties and had been driving for forty years, my mother :angel: always had that virtual brake pedal on her side of the car. :supergrin:

    <--- prefers to drive
  46. My bad........

    I was using common sense when I should have been using DA logic.......:whistling:

  47. Doesn't matter at all. My wife is an excellent (if not a little heavy in the foot) driver and didn't start driving until she was thirty-one. HH