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When it goes to the Senate...

  1. There needs to be a immediate vote. The GOP needs to release a statement telling the people how much tax money has already been wasted on these BS "investigations" and hearings and and then turn the whole thing over to Barr.
  2. As much as I'd like to see these phony's grilled, there are no GOP firebrands in the senate that will put it to them and all they'd be doing is providing more out-of-context sound bites for the leftist media. The few who are paying attention have heard all they need to hear. No sense in wasting more $$$.
  3. Could backfire
  4. Agree. Whole thing should take less than 30 minutes. Walk in, roll call, vote, tell the American people there's other problems to work on, and walk out.
  5. So, let me get this straight.

    You’re saying that, instead of at least hearing the evidence in a trial mandated by the Constitution, and then finding the evidence insufficient, the Senate should simply vote on the strength of the media accounts and their own biases.

    Good luck with that. Watch what the left does with that little example of misbehavior.
  6. I agree with you to the extent that the Prosecution (Democrats) should be allowed to present the case. But if the Republicans in the Senate have any sense at all, the rules of procedure for the trial will require that the Federal Rules of Evidence apply. Then what do the Democrats have? What will their "witnesses" testify about?
  7. Thank you for posting what I didn't think it was necessary to take the time to explain.
    The leftist media will have their way with every little sound bite and make brave heroes of the witnesses. Why give them more fuel for their propaganda machine? Like I said, those few who want the truth have watched closely and have already made up their minds. Use the grotesque waste of time and money against them.
  8. The Constituion says the Senate will conduct a trial. But the Senate decides what that "trial" will be. It is a political, not a judicial proceeding. The GOP controls the Senate. So the Republucans can say, "OK, here's Exhibit 1, the House Impeachment Report. Everybody read it? Good. We will now entertain a motion to dismiss (or to acquit) for failure to present a cognizable claim for adjudication. All in favor? 'AYE!' Dismissed (Not guilty.)"
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  10. don't see how, public is already not behind it , and it losses steam daily
  11. This.

    Lindsey Graham wants to 'move forward'. Mitch McConnell also wants a quick vote to close the case. He was on Hannity last night to say so. Hannity was his normal Kiss A** self - wagging his tail and sitting at McConnell's feet. He, Hannity, will be the mouth piece for the Republican Senate to do what they do best - cower.

    I want witnesses called, put under oath, and questioned about their behavior. Specifically Schiff, the Whistle Blower, and both Bidens. If Graham and McConnell can't handle the 'stress of their job', then maybe they should reach down into the House and let Geaetz and Jordan do the heavy lifting.

    It appears that Senate Republicans just want the water to settle down so they can go back to quietly doing nothing. I swear if they want to keep me on board they will have to do their job and 'out' the lying, criminal, democRATs in public hearings. If they fart and fold, the public will be left with the impression that this impeachment circus was valid.

    I live in a state where Republicans are pretty scarce. But my House seat is currently held by a Republican. I wrote to him first thing this morning.

    Edited to Add: McConnell said he made his decision based on the recommendation of Trump's attorneys. So his skirt just blew up in his face. If Trump's attorneys are calling the shots, they should come forward and tell us why they want to ignore this case. Me thinks that there are many Swamp Creatures in the Republican party and they too are afraid of the light of truth.
  12. Oh, I didn't know the public had much weight in the matter
  13. If you think repercussions would come to Schiff and all others involved in this sham, I have a bridge for sale. Vote and get over it. Swamp is gonna swamp, no matter what. Graham saying he just wants it to be done with equates, in my mind to- we can't let everything out of the bag. So lets move on, nothing else to see here.
  14. Votes in reelection years.

  15. You do realize they can simply lie about it, and there'd be numerous witnesses called to corroborate the lies, right? The federal bureaucracy has their back.
  16. Yes - I do realize that they can lie - under oath. But it can be proved that Schiff had contact with the Whistle Blower and said that he did not. Not a crime - but it then becomes a proven lie. Same with the Whistle Blower - he may have broken laws by coming forward - not a true whistle blower but a plant by Dims to start the entire Ukraine fiasco. As for Biden's, they will have a tough time lying. Hunter can probably plead the 5th. But Uncle Joe will have to explain his true Quid-Pro-Quo.

    They can't a lie - they will be under oath. If proven they lied they are subject to criminal penalty.
  17. Silly You, where have you been, they run votes and strategy on Focus groups and polling, no ideals are left in DC.
    Where else can an FBI agent Lie on an Affidavit to a judge, and not be arrested and fired immediately when it comes to light.
    Said affidavit allowed our government to wire tap, and SPY on a Citizen outsider running for office, sounds more like Russia than our form of government.
    If it happened in ANY police agency it would be big news and followed by an immediate arrest and firing.
    DC does not follow any laws that I can see.
  18. I've heard reasons for both. I heard Kellyanne Conway tell Laura Ingraham (?) or Tucker Carlson last night that the president wants to do it. And I think Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz and sometimes Doug Collins are "firebrandy" enough. The "Dragon Lady" from Arizona, Debbie Lesko acquitted herself well, IMO, too. They could do it, I'm pretty sure.
  19. Pretty sure McConnel and Co has the plan to acquit and make a statement. It is the best way to discredit the Commies. Pay it no mind. Move on. Be professional and don't act like clowns.
  20. So, the Senate drops the case. What is to prevent the House from repeating the debacle and sending more Articles of Impeachment? Continuously, throughout the election cycle.

    I don't think they will, I think the voters have had enough, but I wonder if they could.
  21. Did Harry Reid get punished when he stated that Mitt Romney "never paid taxes" on the Senate floor? His response was, "it worked didn't it"?

    We have become a legislative mess where an oath whether it be to testify or uphold the Constitution is meaningless. And until that changes, the games will go on.

    I am somewhat familiar with the lay of the land near the Capitol. On the left hand side of the building, there is a stand of old oak trees. I am of the belief that you violate that oath the penalty should be death by hanging from one of those oak trees. Would kinda make that whole oath thing a bit more serious.
  22. Take your time, make them twist in the wind, don't even give the hint of a cover-up.
    Get some real witnesses about Hunter and his crimes, and his daddy's attempt to with-hold American taxpayers' dollars unless his prosecutor was replaced.
    This is the most obvious crime and should not be swept away just to end the Democrats' embarrassment.

    Stretch it out until Super Tuesday so the Democrat Senators can't campaign for themselves and collect some more gaffes from Biden. Ruin their Spring. Don't rip the band-aid off, pull it slowly, hair by hair.
  23. They said they would just keep impeaching. It has been much talked about.
  24. Do not trust the repub Senators...ever!
  25. Then nothing gets done, more money spent. The public is turning against the left for the above reasons (aside from the last 3 years being served nothingburgers), why do more of the same?
    Send the stinking turd right back to them.... box unopened.
  26. Exactly.

    What matters here is the make up of the next House and Senate after the 2020 election.

    When voters are shifting toward the GOP side, there's danger to bark back at the Dems.
    If the GOP was to act like Schiff et al., voters don't see the difference between the parties.
    If you want to be better than runts, comes your turn, don't do what runts do.
    it's just going to yield the same result as they got.

    If you're hell bent on dishing it back, wait after 2020. But the best solution is to go take a COLD shower.
  27. When your enemy is digging himself into a hole, don't take his shovel away.
  28. In the house, yes and we've already heard from them. What about senators?
  29. Exactly. When they hand it to you, give it right back.
  30. This time wasting debacle is enraging when my health care premiums have quadrupled, as have my deductibles and Max OOP expenses.

    But to be fair, the Republicans did nothing about it when they controlled Congress, so not sure why I'm mad, or who I'm mad at. I just know I'm mad.
  31. A quick vote with no process is stupid and will give democrats exactly what they want going into the 2020 election: "Trump was impeached and the republicans protected him. They didn't even give the process a chance". The vote will be pretty close to along party lines. From then on, every day DJT is in office, the democrats can cry that the republicans protected him.

    The only way to clear it up once and for all, and expose Schiff and Nadler, is to destroy the case against the president and prove it wrong. Call the witnesses in the Senate the republicans couldn't call in the House. Call witnesses, destruct the evidence, and subpoena documents relevant to all matters and people involved. Expose the House for what it was.

    It will be stupid to end it quickly. Lindsey Graham might think it is for the "good of the country", but it's not the best for the president. DJT has been crying "Witch Hunt" and the Senate needs to prove it was a witch hunt, not just a party line vote cutting him loose.
  32. No cover-up, no whitewash.
    No rush to go Christmas shopping or campaigning.

    The Senate is more professional and oozing with gravitas compared to the House.
    And only 35 of them are up for re-election, compared to all 435 in the House.
    This is the deliberative body, not the clown show. Well, maybe.
  33. I would like the senate vote for acquittal rather than vote not to have a trial.
  34. So you are saying that no one in the Senate watched the House hearings in the Intel and Judiciary committees, know all the "evidence" that resulted in the fake impeachment vote, understand what a farce and factless circus that was, and know how to vote correctly?

    On what planet?
  35. They will vote for acquittal.
  36. There’s a slight chance it might not make it to the senate. A lot of politics going on between now and the full senate vote. There are several dem members who represent a district that Trump won in 2016. Depending on individual circumstance, some political careers are on the line.
  37. I would hope so but I doubt Pelosi would bring it to a vote without knowing exactly the outcome. I think the only question at this point is how many Dems in Trump districts, and which ones, will she allow to not vote for impeachment. I''m guessing maybe 10-15 at most.
  38. remove repub replace with "any" and it's gospel
  39. This would tactically be their smartest play and here is why.
    They could say they exhausted all efforts and traitors in their own party let them down.

    They know if it get to the republican controlled Senate they will not control the process and some of them are smart enough to realize it could blow up even worse for them.

    The news is buried before the Holidays and will quickly cycle out.

    No cross examination of their witnesses and they won't be compelled to respond to senate Subpoenas
  40. I'm not sure what I want.

    On one hand, I want this to go to trial to shut the Democrats up.

    On the other hand, I just want the Senate to vote not to have a trial, because "but but but....HUNTER BIDEN!" is not a good enough defense. And if that's the best defense they can come up with, then I'm not optimistic about a Senate trial.
  41. I don't think that Reid did not run for office again after his smear of Romney. And that was politics. What Schiff did was a legal matter. He engineered evidence against Trump that may be false. It think we need to know if it is or not.

    If you don't want to Schiff and the whistle blower, why do you want to go after Comey, Brennan, Paige, etc...? They all did the same thing.
  42. So here is my take on the problem with a full hearing; First the Repubs will want to call both Bidens etc who will either defy Congress or ignore the subpoenas...that will send it to the courts and delay, delay , delay...the Iowa Caucus is in Feb..the Dems have timed this perfectly to set a trap for the Repubs...if the Repubs go for blood, this entire mess will be dragged out and (hopefully) for the Dems affect the vote well into 2020...IF the repubs refuse to go for blood...they risk alienating many of their "base" who want Everyone called to testify, and in essence the Dems will have yet again, rubbed our collective noses in the dirt...we have a real dilemma here...
  43. With idiot republicans calling for a quick end, a death on arrival, the House has nothing to lose. If McConnell started saying that the process will go forward, the president will have lawyers representing him, witnesses will be called, evidence considered etc., then the democrats are less likely to vote to impeach. Democrats want the illusion of the president having done something, and if the republicans do their job in the Senate, they'll destroy that illusion. UNLESS, there really is something to the charges.
  44. Romney's presser will take more than 30 minutes...
  45. Well, you make good points. But if the Senate just votes impeachment down without a trial the Dims will say that their articles of impeachment were valid and Republicans had no rebuttal for them.

    I say grill Schiff under oath. If he pleads the 5th or as (Lois Lerner did) says he can't remember - he will be outed as the liar his is. Same with the whistle blower - he will be outed as well. Depending on who it is (or who they are) it may be problematic for them. But for Republican Senators to just punt shows. I think) weakness.
  46. Forget the Bidens. This isn't about them. It's about a case the democrats built against the president, by silencing the republicans. Senate republicans can destroy the case based on it's lack of merit with the process. If they shut down the process by procedural vote, it makes it look like they are hiding something. Don't forget who the MSM will be supporting. All we'll be hearing is "what were the republicans afraid of".

    I've never really considered McConnell to be an ally of DJT. I still consider Graham to be a never Trumper who has moderated some positions since his good buddy died, but still cannot be trusted to support the president. Just because they think a quick procedural vote is the way to go, doesn't mean it won't still allow a tarnish on this presidency. Trump will always be labeled as a president who was impeached. History should reflect why the Senate acquitted him, and that should be for all to see, and not done in the dark of night. IMO, McConnell and Graham aren't too concerned with vindicating the president, or preserving his legacy.

    If they shut it down with a procedural vote, it will cause people like me to wonder if there is something there the republicans are afraid of. It will be like a conspiracy theory. Forevermore, it will be said that the republicans protected DJT.

    This is not the time to be lazy and just want it to end. Take the case the democrats put forward. Destroy it for all the world to see, then let vulnerable democrats in the Senate go on the record.

    And him running around saying that Trump was protected because he was guilty won't help matters.
  47. As you say, there are no GOP firebrands in the senate, and what's worse there are some two-faced bastards who can't be trusted, and some like Mitt Romney would like to see Trump impeached or at least severely damaged so that a Democrat could be elected. And Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell are already indicating that they're going to wimp out on holding the corrupt Dems feet to the fire.

    I have nothing but contempt for those two back stabbing RINO's. Both of them occasionally do something good and Graham talks a good fight, but when push comes to shove neither of them can be trusted.
  48. This makes it look like they are running interference for the president. Not what I would want the naysayers to see. They should go through the motion of a trial and use the judicial standards for evidence to highlight the incompetence it was prosecuted with before getting to the senate.

    I’m beyond hoping for skeletons being dragged from the closets and revelations shaking the foundations.
  49. Get this political sham over with for God’s sake.

    From the Washington Post:

    January 20, 2017 at 12:19 PM EST

    The effort to impeach President Donald John Trump is already underway.

    At the moment the new commander in chief was sworn in, a campaign to build public support for his impeachment went live at ImpeachDonaldTrumpNow.org, spearheaded by two liberal advocacy groups aiming to lay the groundwork for his eventual ejection from the White House.
  50. I don’t agree. The best way to discredit the communists is expose them for the liars they are in televised testimony.
    Walking and and hold a vote to acquit just continues the kangaroo court theme (the kabuki theater of justice). Plus it has the added “benefit” of appearing like the senate is running interference for the president, that he does not need. Also it gives the appearance of guilt, but swept under the carpet as political shenanigans.