When copying from one HD to another, I get this error:

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by WolfmanGK, Oct 3, 2004.

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    I have been having issues with bad sectors in my laptops hard drive, and a scandisc just led to continual restarting. So... I dug out my old 9mm (Laptop hard drive) to IDE converters, and slaved my laptops hard drive to my new HP desktop. It worked fine on scandisc, scandisc found the bad sectors and fixed them all. However, when I was trying to copy the contents of the laptop hard drive, at intermittent times during 3 attempts, it always said a file on the laoptop hard drive was in use.

    Or, the laptop hard drive was read-only, (You know the error message, "Cannot copy file because it is in use or is read only", bla bla bla) which shouldn't matter because I am copying the files, not moving them. It happened on different files throughout the different attempts. Sometimes it would get 20 minutes into it and give me the error, sometimes 30 minutes, and on different files in different folders. What si going on? How else can I copy the contents of my HD to the HP computer? Is "Xcopy" or "Discopy" embedded in DOS in XP computers?

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    Do it from DOS mode yet?

    That will circumvent the BS XP locking scheme.

    You need to know the correct argument and the drive letters, is all.

    To do this as simply as possible, make a Transfers folder on the root of your C: drive; then, assuming the slave drive is D:

    type at the A:\ prompt C: >enter<, then the line

    copy d:\directory\folderorfilename c:\Transfers

    That will copy everything to the Transfers directory.

    To do all at once:

    copy d:\ c:\Transfers

    But that grabs Winblows files and everything else, so it wastes a ton of space.

    If you can acces the slave drive in XP and rearrange things into folders, I would do so. Makes things easier.