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When Camping Goes Wrong.....(Jeep/4x4 Owners Chime In Please)

  1. This guy is very lucky!

    What the hell could have caused this? Dry brush getting up around the firewall?

    I think he did very well considering the circumstances. Not sure I would have been so calm.

    Of course, there are claims in the comment section about insurance fraud, but I can't imagine someone driving 30 miles to the middle of nowhere, on a ranch surrounded with combustible material, just to burn a car. There's got to be an easier way to get a new car.

  2. Color me skeptical of someone who has the time to set up a camera apparently on a tripod to film their own emergency.
  3. That’s why I bought a Toyota FJ......:whistling:
  4. Damn double tap
  5. That guy goes around filming his adventures. He stopped there to make a vlog post and the thing started burning behind the engine down the firewall. Been watching his Youtube channel for a while now.
  6. Every person that drives in the outback is or should be, aware of this potential fire danger.

    With the advent of the Catalytic Converter car owners were originally cautioned about the very high temperature of the operating converter. Some fires were started resulting in the loss of their vehicles and surrounding terrain. This is old news in the sense that it was common knowledge then over time apparently, forgotten.

    When I got my first 4x4, I bought a Peterson Publication called How to drive your 4x4. In that booklet was this same caution of not stopping on top of combustible materials.

    I Think this guy was a victim of his own ignorance.
  7. **** happens...

  8. Its a Chrysler product.... what did you expect?? Amazing reliability??
  9. Something I always have to keep in the back of my mind at the ranch, and a good reason to keep a good fire extinguisher in the truck.
  10. Next episode, how to survive a bush plane crash. Stay tuned. :grill:
  11. And yet.....would YOU drive 30 miles out into the high desert, on someone's private ranch surrounded by combustible materials in 90-degree heat, to burn a car for insurance money?

    That right there throws the whole "insurance scam" argument out the window for me.

    According to the comments in the video from others who supposedly have the same vehicle, the oil leaks into the block and then spills over on to the exhaust manifold. Or something to that effect.

    According to them, Chrysler-Fiat have known about it for a while, but won't issue a recall. Apparently, other Rubicons have had this problem as well.

    Mind you, I'm just going by what I've heard. I've never personally driven one, or owned a Chrysler product.
  12. Dry grasses and brush can be ignited quite easily by a hot vehicle. That's why we never park or even drive over dry grass/brush if at all possible. I'd be more than a bit disappointed if my Rubicon went up in flames. The insurance company would give me the value of a stock used one and there goes my 20K in mods. This may be a Wrangler-related issue but I'm not aware of it. Admittedly, I have been absent on my Wrangler forum for a while and will have to check it out. This is my second Rubicon and while I am not a fan at all of Chrysler/Dodge products, it runs circles around my buddy's FJ, another buddy's X-Terra and my modified 4Runner on tough trails, and I have had zero issues with this 2014 or my 2012. The Wrangler is likely the only Chrysler product I will ever buy. Fingers crossed, and will look into this. Thanks for posting!
  13. I'm not an investigator by any means, but my time in my particular field of LE has taught me that people do stupid things - often with no logic involved in their plans. Bruce is a retired detective who could probably share more than a few stories about the dumb ass **** that people do, and try to get away with.

    It sounds trite, but...if you're not in LE, you really don't know the stupidity that humans can achieve. Well, maybe an ER nurse/doc...or EMS...or Fire...
  14. Indeed, when I go on organized 4x4 trail runs a fire extinguisher is one of the things everyone is required to have. Vehicles tend to heat up when off-roading and fires are not uncommon.
  15. Fair enough. Personally, I believe he's sincere, and this was just a bad accident. I don't believe there was anything malicious or criminal about this at all. But that's just me.
  16. You're probably right...but, he's still stupid, lol.
  17. That’s not funny....
  18. The worst thing to ever happen is all these push button lockers and such factory. Now the trails are full of turds.
  19. I suppose that depends. I can't fault him for a mechanical issue with his car that he was unaware of. If it's a rare issue associated with Jeep Rubicons, then he likely had no idea that debris could get up into the hot firewall and potentially start a fire. Or that oil could drip onto the exhaust manifold and ignite a fire.

    That being said: it DOES fall upon him to be properly in touch with everything about his car if he expects to go venturing with it in such a manner.

    In as far as his survival preparedness, it sounds like he did okay, based on what I saw. So he gets points from me for that as well.
  20. Ho Lee Schitt
    I'm thinkin it was tumble weed that started the fire.
    I've plowed through it 3-4 feet deep.
    Wind will pile it up like a snow drift, depending on the terrain.

    The source would have been under the vehicle if it was tumble weed that got picked up and ignited.
    It does get hung up in the under carriage when you're going through it.