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    As many of you probably know, Robert Jordan, the author of the Wheel of Time series, was diagnosed recently with a possibly-fatal illness. His median life expectancy is about 4 years, and, because of his illness, he hasn't been able to write much.

    Sure, his comments make it sound like he's doing a good job fighting it, and he's trying to finish the conclusion to his series in a single book, but....

    So far, he's written 11 books and, with each book, he's written himself into more of a mess. He keeps opening up new plot lines and introducing new characters without ever doing anything with the old ones. Now, he thinks he can finish everything in just one book? If anything, it feels like he can be no more than about 3/4 through the series. Here's all the loose ends that I came up with. It seems a lot to resolve in a single book:


    The White Tower bonds 47 warders. Some of the Aes Sedai who do so are Red sisters.

    There is conflict in the Red Ajah over bonding warders.

    The "Black Tower is rent and sisters walk the grounds"
    (Demandred/Mazrim's Taim's darkfriends are attacked by Rand's followers, but probably escape to become DreadLords)

    Mesaana, inside the White Tower, is somehow exposed.

    The reason that the rat/raven wardings on the tower have failed are revealed (when Mesaana is exposed?)

    Egwene reunites the white tower? (or maybe the tower is destroyed and Egwene only unites the sisters?) According to visions, it happens when she is scared, and the sisters kneeling to her also surprises her.

    The 7 Ajahs, the 2 halls, and so on all have to be merged back together by Egwene.

    Egwene is saved by a Seanchan (Egeanin/Leilwin?).

    The White Tower is attacked by Seanchan.

    Darkfriends are rooted out of the White Tower (but probably escape to become DreadLords).

    Gawyn will either break Egwene's neck (unlikely) or kneel before her.

    Gawyn will become Egwene's warder.

    Gawyn will use a green banner with his sigil on it - not the red banner of Andor. (symbolizing that he serves Egwene?)

    Suian finally figures out why she has to stay close to Gareth Bryne to prevent both of them from dieing.

    Suian comes to terms with her love for Gareth Bryne.

    Setalle Anan (the innkeeper from Ebou Dar)'s identity is revealed, probably as an ex-Amyrlin, and she is healed of being stilled.

    The Kin reach an official agreement with Aes Sedai.

    The White Tower has to deal with its awful agreement with the Windfinders.

    The White Tower needs to decide if/how it will tie the Windfinders and Wise Ones to it.

    The Dragon Reborn needs to "come before the wrath of the Amyrlin Seat" or whatever Elaida's Foretelling said.

    Bethamin and Seta (Sul'dam novices) as well as the two Kin novices, need to enter the tower. They probably won't just disappear from the story. Nicola and Bodewhin Cauthon probably also reenter the story.

    Elayne unifies Andor despite treacherous Nobles.

    Elayne comes to terms with losing the Two Rivers.

    Elayne finds out why there are so many Aes Sedai staying at the inn in Caemlyn.

    Elayne deals with the Red sister who claims to have been assigned as an unwanted advisor.

    Elayne allies herself with Rand.

    Gawyn goes back to Andor to meet his duties there? Elsewise, he breaks his vows.

    Elayne somehow uses the dagger Ter Angreal that hides her from the shadow.

    Elayne takes the throne of Cairhein.

    Elayne has something to do with a red hot iron and an axe that mean trouble.

    Elayne has something to do with a severed hand.

    Toun takes the Crystal Throne. The "false" prophesy about the Dragon kneeling before her is settled.

    Elayne sends a bunch of Sul'dam back to the Seanchan, after they have been convinced that they know how to channel.

    All the Sea Folk, Aes Sedai, Shaido Wise Ones, and Kin captured by the Seanchan are somehow dealt with.

    The Aiel Gai'shain captured by the Seanchan eventually put off the white after their year-and-a-day is up.

    The Da'covale owned by the Seanchan are somehow dealt with.

    Beslan, king of Altara, comes to terms with how he feels about the Seanchan.

    The Seanchan complete their war in Arad Doman.

    The "great captain" of Arad Doman, Rodel Ituralde, who is fighting Dragonsworn and Seanchan, sees the conclusion of his story.

    The King of Arad Doman (captured by Forsaken) sees the conclusion of his story.

    The Seanchan conclude an allies with Rand.

    Mat's army needs to reunite and be sent somewhere.

    Mat's engineers enter into the story somehow.

    Juilin and Thera need to conclude their story somehow.

    Egeanin/Leilwin and Domon complete their story, probably via taking Mat's group by ship to confront the snakes and the foxes.

    Mat, Thom, and the bony old man go rescue Morraine. To do so, they have to break all the rules (musical instruments, iron, etc.)

    Mat "puts out half the light of the world to save the world"

    Mat confronts the Gholam.

    The bony old man is revealed as Jain Farstrider.

    Jain Farstrider cleanses himself from being a darkfriend.

    Mat will be naked and bound with only his spear and his medallion (at least symbolically),

    Masema is dealt with somehow by Perrin.

    The nature of Masema's involvement with the Seanchan is revealed.

    Perrin convinces his wife that he didn't cheat on her.

    Perrin comes to terms with his Wolftalking.

    The purpose of the Darkhound pack that circled Perrin's camp is revealed.

    Perrin's agreement not to raise Manetheren has repercussions (especially since it seems inevitable).

    Perrin figures out what Faile's broken crown is all about, and what it means to have married the heir to it.

    Berelain will fall in love with a man in white.

    Perrin has to save Rand a second time.

    Gaul and Chiad's love story needs to reach some kind of conclusion.

    Half the borderlands flock to Lan's banners for his march to Shayol Ghul.

    Nynaeve finally meets with the sister that Lan is bonded to and transfers the bond.

    The Shienar thief-taker reenters the story (supposedly he's going to be bound the wheel as a new hero?)

    New technology (Cannons, Grenades, steam power, advanced crossbows) is used for Rand's armies.

    Min finally discovers what Fel (the philosopher) discovered before he was assassinated by Gholam.

    Cadsuane teaches Rand and all the Asha'man "something important"

    The Ogier close the last few Waygates.

    Loial gives a big speach at The Great Stump and convinces the Ogier to go to war with the Shadow.

    The Ogier from Seanchan, who don't need Stedding and serve as soldiers, meet up with Ogier from this continent, who require Stedding and prefer to stay peaceful.

    The Ogier decide what to do about the "Book of Translation" and weather to leave this world.

    Birgitte meets up with young Gaidal Cain again (Olver?)

    Birgitte meets up with old Gaidal Cain (Birgitte dies and is reborn... probably as a child of someone we know)

    Morgase (Maidhrin)'s identity is exposed as the ex-queen of Andor.

    Thom and Morgase have their reunion.

    Thom has to come in contact with a man juggling fire.

    Morgase marries Tallanvor.

    Padan Fain must finally be confronted decisively.

    The Whitecloak Questioners (who joined the Seanchan) are somehow dealt with.

    The captured ex-king of Illian, Mattin Steppaneos, sees the conclusion of his story.

    The Black sisters sworn to Rand somehow expose themselves.

    Narishma somehow "comes after" Rand (because he drew Callandor).

    The tinkers find their song.

    Semerhige, captured by Rand when she posed as Tuon, must be dealt with.

    Galad will hurt someone to serve a greater purpose and not even notice.

    Aviendha identifies some important Ter-Angreal.

    Aviendha has to get pregnant with 4 babies at once.

    The Shaido, already destroyed, fade into obscurity? Galina and the oath rod go with them? Obviously, because of prophecy, those Aiel who do not follow the Car'a'carn do not survive.

    The Windfinders get their land at each port, and are made "masters of the waves."

    The top Mistress of the Ships is deposed or killed so she can be replaced by the one Min has foreseen.

    The situation with the lack of food in Tear needs to be resolved. This includes those two boys that Rand asked King Darlin to find.

    Darlin needs to marry Caraline Morraine, as Min foretold.

    Davram Bashere must confront the Queen of Saldea.

    Egeanin must be confronted by Nyneave over the male A'dam. If there are more copies of the male A'dam, that may come into the story also.

    The lands to the East somehow enter into the story. After all, one of the Forsaken has been spending time there.

    Galad allies his whitecloaks with Rand's followers.

    The borderlander kings go to Murandy looking for Rand, but must eventually find him to become bound to him, then must somehow return to the borderlands.

    Murandy was just united under one King, but now must be bound to Rand.

    Rand needs to finish unifying his part of the world. There are other countries also.

    Rand somehow "becomes one" with his split personality.

    Rand has something to do with begging. Once, he is seen with a beggar's staff. Elsewhere, he is seen in rags with a bandage over his eyes.

    Rand will symbolically pour water on sand (a reference to killing Aiel, making a lake at Rhuidean, or something else?)

    Rand figures out who the mysterious third person inside his head is.

    Rand deals with losing his hand.

    Rand has his eyes healed?

    Mat blows the horn.

    The final battle takes place. This likely includes Mat's Band of the Red Hand, Perrin's Two Rivers Army (with Berelain's Mayeners and his Ghealdan vassals), the Aiel, the Seanchan and their Taraboner/Altaran armies, Rand's Illianers and Tairens, the Borderlanders, Bashere's Legion of the Dragon, Elayne's Andorans and Cairheinin, the Ogier, the White Tower, the Black tower, the wolves, the Whitecloaks, the Heroes of the Horn, the Sea Folk (maybe just to transport?), and possibly others.

    The world is largely destroyed in the last battle. Presumably, the libraries and the new knowledge of the White Tower live on. This may be where the Tinker's Song comes in useful, to help heal the world.

    Rand somehow dies to live again during the last battle. The freed Seanchan Da'main (alivia?) helps him do this.

    Mat also dies and lives again, and lives what has already happened, whatever that means.