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What's your small more often carried DA/SA handgun?

  1. CZ P07
    Sig P229
  2. KT P32
  3. Ruger LCP
  4. NAA Ranger, but it will soon be replaced by something a bit more substantial
  5. Ruger LC9sPro
  6. HK P30s
  7. I thought you said small. What is your bigger carry gun, a Wildey?
  8. Ruger LC9s pro...
    Ruger LCP2
  9. Everything so far is either not small, or not DA/SA
  10. Screenshot_2020-09-26-12-20-15-1.png

    Are you talking to me?
  11. So it's not just me. I see a number of pistols listed here that aren't DA/SA.
  12. I had a P2000sk (subcompact). But, I found that on the waist, it printed the same as the larger Hk P2000. So, I sold the P2000sk after 5 years earlier this year. Still have the P2000.

    The P2000 has been my carry gun for 5.5 years. I just switched to a Glock 19 Gen 5 last month...


    I've owned a ton of guns over the years - most have been DA/SA. For carry - in DA/SA.... The P2000 has been my favorite.
  13. Sig P225 A1 46ADC633-A9A4-4055-B2BE-52313071EB2A.jpeg
  14. DA/SA? Okay, rarely SA but there as needed.

    One of these...

    1928 Detective Special


    1972 S&W Model 38 Airweight


    You didn't say that they had to be semi. :)
  15. No more DA/SA firearms for me. From 1985-2005 my primary carry and duty/off-duty guns were DA/SA pistols (mainly SIGs) but I have now switched to striker fired guns. Still shoot some revolvers - J frames in particular, from time to time.
  16. 48E79500-C727-4800-AB62-2BF4C1795ED1.jpeg
  17. Small DA/SA? Beretta 21.
  18. 20200926_094808.jpg
    Smallest da/sa I carry...
  19. S&W 60.
  20. Sig p224 9mm
  21. CZ82 is the smallest DA/SA I have. My J is a Centennial so it could be considered DAO.

    OOPS, forgot the Beretta 21A.
  22. S&W 442 .38spl
    Sig P232 .380acp
  23. My two are my S&W 3913 and my 49.

    3913 LS.JPG
  24. 3E9A2A4A-F000-4561-9BAB-3C33832A6AFB.jpeg

    Colt Agent.
  25. Walther ppk and ppk/s.
  26. CZ P01 Omega.
  27. No longer have this one, but I carried it a pretty good bit. Especially walking Abby the Wondermutt around the neighborhood.


    Bulgarian 9X18mm Makarov. Over built like a tank. Almost impossible to make it choke or bobble. And waaaaay more accurate than you'd think. But the initial DA pull required Bulgarian female weightlifters.
  28. Smith and wesson 4516
  29. The smallest DA/SA guns I have and carry on occasion is my Taurus 85 revolver and my Hungarian FEG PA63 in 9x18. Though neither gets carried often anymore. I usually grab either my Sig P938 or Glock G43 on most days and also will carry either my G19 or a compact 1911 in 45.
  30. CZ Rami

    I really like it.
  31. CZ P-01 Omega has been my daily carry for the last two years. Small? Well it’s a compact size comparable to a G19 but with a BigFoot steel core belt it disappears on my 4:00. I’ve been a Glock fanboy for decades but this pistol has changed my daily carry forever. I’m floored how accurate it is and it is the SOFTEST shooting pistol I’ve ever encountered.
  32. Smallest DA/SA I own is a USP Compact in 9x19. I can make it work with a IWB, like Galco’s King Tuck. However, if I want max capacity and concealment I take the P365 with me, though it is a dreaded striker-fired weapon-mine does have a manual safety, which at first I was like “why?’ I’m used to it now, however.
  33. Another thing I failed to mention is my CZ P-01 Omega has the ability to be converted and carried as cocked and locked with a safety lever or as I prefer, carried without a safety but with a de-cocker lever in the hammer down position. First shot is heavier pull in DA and all subsequent shots are SA. I can carry IWB appendix without ANY fear of accidental discharge which is VERY comforting.
  34. Beretta 21 Bobcat in 22lr, loaded with Norma ammunition.
  35. Walther PPS M2
  36. When did that gun become DA/SA?
  37. I can shoot a DA revolver very well because the first shot is the same as the last. But I can't shoot a crunchenticker semi-auto worth a damn unless I cock the hammer first.
  38. CZ Rami.
  39. When I said it did.
  40. SA XDE 9mm. Carry way more than any other.
  41. You can say that it "identifies" as a DA/SA all you want, but it's still a Striker fired pistol which is superior to a DA/SA because that all-important first shot is the same as the last.
  42. EB457F33-22D4-4FC9-82EE-4743F51313A5.jpeg
    Okay I’ll play. Here is my smallest DA SA: Meine HK P30S .40
  43. I really, really like the P225, but I've been looking at the HK P2000.

  44. Smallest DA/SA is my Beretta 92X Centurion.
  45. What is the subject of this thread?
  46. S&W 442. Not SA either but the smallest I carry is a Beretta Pico.
    I also carry a Taurus 709 Slim. It does double strike.
    I have a P7 (P225). Friend, it is not small. Not much different in size from my G19.
  47. Nota lot of small DA/SA options these days. The XDE is in a class of its own.

    smallest I have is a USP Compact. I have a P2000SK, but unfortunately it’s LEM.

    I do have a DA/SA I actually carry, a 92G Compact, but it’s not really small either.
  48. Shield .40
    Carried in a Galco "Stinger" OWB holster.
  49. PPK/S