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What's your most accurate handgun?

  1. Mine is my Walther 45 PPQ M2.
  2. A custom S&W Model 67 that’s had work done by Frank Glenn. Herrett Target grips, action-job, 6” match grade bull bbl.
  3. Or my custom 1911 .38 Super that also came from Frank Glenn...

    They both shoot far better than I do.
  4. Probably this one.

  5. Actually it’s this one.

  6. 6 1/2” S&W model 29-2. Benched with the right hand load, groups at 25 yards are one ragged hole.
  7. Kimber pro carry 11.45 cal.
  8. Toss-up between my TRP and Mk23. Shadow 2 isn’t a slouch, either.
  9. 4” Smith model 66. But it’s not super accurate with just any ammo. It is picky.

    I reload wadcutters for it when I really need it to be dead on.
  10. Model 41 Smith and Wesson.
  11. G26.5
  12. Might not be this one but I have the photo of it. Only time I shot it to 200 yards. I managed three rounds in 1/2" at 100 yards once. I was sonervous I couldn't fire more than three rounds.
  13. I've got one, it isn't bad but I'm not all that impressed with it either. Maybe I need to shoot more.
  14. 3. My Shadow 2 in stock configuration
    2. Same Shadow 2 with 13# hammer spring from CGW
    1. Same Shadow 2 with 13# spring and Holosun 407CO V2
  15. ^^^^^^ Same here, for rimfire. Simply outstanding pistol!

    Centerfire - TC Contender in 7mm TC/u. 140 gr Sierra w/H-335 pushing it. Three shots covered by a nickel @ 100 yards, off of sandbags.
  16. I had a Ruger GP100 with a 6” barrel about 75 pounds ago. I was so-so with .357s but was as accurate as I’ve ever been with .38s. Pawned it to get my wife at the time a 9mm.
  17. Accurate from a rest or in the shooter's hands?
  18. I guess it's which one you shoot the best.
  19. Ruger mk2 and 3 for me.
  20. Mark ll Comp target, Python Target 38, 625-8 JM. The 625 is the easiest to shoot a one-hole group off-hand at 50 feet using a red dot.


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  21. P226 "NSW" Navy, damn thing is spooky accurate.
  22. I have one of those also, and it's surprising how accurate they are. Great single action trigger.
  23. This one. CZ TSO

  24. Or this Terry Tussey commander



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  25. My CZ 9mm TSO.
  26. #1 - Limcat Custom Wildcat .40 2011 - Hybrid Tungsten/Stainless barrel
    #2 - Toss Up - Kimber Custom full sized and Kimber Ultra compact .45's
    #3 - Glock 19 with fitted AccuMatch barrel

    All are very capable of 'doubling' during a match. I've seen my wife double in IDPA matches with the Glock / AccuMatch barreled G19 too.

    Who's Next???
  27. It would have to be one of my HK’s.
  28. SIG SP2022 - in 40 S&W.
  29. Definitely my HK USP9 expert at the top[​IMG]

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  30. TC Contender in 7-30 Waters

    TC 7-30Waters.JPG IMG_0900 2.JPG
  31. All of my handguns are more accurate than I am.
  32. Probably this one:

    View: https://youtu.be/PWxXD-jrHno

    This is an actual video of Steve Huff testing my gun before and after the Accuracy X upgrade. He emailed me to tell me they were using my gun for the video about the muli-sight upgrade they were posting on Facebook. it and then I can tell it's true from the K.C. Crawford hammer I had in it when I gave it to them at Camp Perry last year. Lot's of info in there - what a stock Range Officer does at 50 yards, etc.
  33. This.....


  34. Rock Island 1911 (cheapie) 9 mm, right out of the box.
  35. Then that would be my HK45. Though my HK P30L, HK VP9, Glock 19, and CZ SP01 Shadow are all close.

    My HK P30L.

  36. All my guns are more accurate than I am.
  37. Come to think of it, this one also contested my USP Expert’s claim on being the most accurate in my personal inventory.

  38. My Wilson Combat CQB with handloads....
  39. Smith and Wesson Model 41
  40. Probably either my Sig Nitron Railed 1911 in .45 or my p229 Legion SAO in 9mm.
  41. Ruger GP100, 4 inch barrel. Prior to that, and I sadly traded or sold it/them away, it was ANY firearm I had that shot the soft shooting (my opinion) .45 ACP! I am including Glock 21, 30SF, 3 1911s (Ruger SR1911, ATI and a Rock Island) in the list.
  42. S.A. R.O. Champion 1911 .45acp

  43. HK VP9.
  44. A S&W 14-3 long tom and a SBH Bisley 45 Colt with 7-1/2 inch barrel.
  45. A Browning Hi Power out of the box
  46. It's kinda cheating, but my XP100 in .222 is easily my most accurate 'handgun.' It can put 3 shots inside a dime's diameter at 100 yards.
  47. I dont know. Never did real testing. Probably my Ruger Super Redhawk 454 with the Leupold 2x. I get great results at 100 yrd. I shot pigs and deer "spot on"
    Without scope I d say Tanfoglio Limited .40 and 2011, also 320 X5 Legion
  48. SA xd9 SC
  49. STI Staccato C