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    Nov 12, 2005
    getting in trouble for writing tons of prescriptions? I don't know if it's going on everywhere or just around here, but it seems like once a month somebody gets caught or pleads guilty in court.

    One guy knew his office workers were addicted to painkillers and wrote prescriptions for them knowing they needed help.

    Going through all of the school and training, then open your own business, to lose it for little of nothing. What a shame.
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    May 12, 2009
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    Your average general practioner in this country has somewhere between $100k and $250k in debt when they graduate and can make as little as $50k a year if they work for hospital or managed care firm. Running their own practice with all the hassles and expenses of owning any other small business can pay better but is riskier too. I know a few who, after paying for insurance, employee payroll, and other assorted costs took home NOTHING for several months.

    Temptation strikes everyone, writing a few scripts on the side to keep wolves from the door might not seem like such a bad idea after a while.

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    I think the feds or state reps are just looking to make lessons of some people.

    Docs are screwed either way. One of my partners was sued for not giving pain meds.

    10 years ago the Joint Comission was on us about NOT propery treating or caring about pain.

    Patients will flat out lie, even consent to surgeries to fix/examine a problem they are faking, just to get narcotics.

    People are going to take drugs, do you want
    1. addicts getting drugs from docs and pharmacies for relatively little expense
    2. addicts getting them for their street value and stealing things from your house to feed the habit.
    3. I don't think their is a choice 3, unless you catch them in the act and shoot them, and then you get sued by the family, and get to see what it is like to be a doc that gets sued.

    Edit: if I am going to someday decide to commit a felony for profit, I (and most other docs) will pick something a little more lucrative than narcotic prescriptions. Money isn't driving these prescriptions, despite the fact that I'm sure you could find MSM articles saying it does.