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What's up with TV Land?

  1. I love watching the classic 60's shows on TV Land and am thankful the network is there. Lately, though, they have started running movies that aren't related to TV and now they are starting to show Extreme Makeover Home Edition. What's up? They aren't running out of classic shows because there are many they have never even aired.
  2. I expected more from TV LAND but got less.
  3. Yeah, sometimes I call it the "Sanford & Son/Three's Company/Goodtimes" channel, because it seems like that's what's on most!:rofl:

    However, it is a great source for Star Trek TOS, Andy Griffith Show, and the Munsters.So it ain't all bad...
  4. I want to see "Emergency!" , and "Airwolf" and stuff like that .
  5. Dont forget about "1 Adam 12" and "policewoman" those were good.