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whats the status of your freezer?

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i think that if a riot broke out tomorrow in my city and the supermarket shelves became baron i wouldn't be too concerned - im one of those guys that buys it cheap and stacks it deep. im probably sitting on at least 15 pounds each of pork, chicken, and ground turkey(im not a ground beef person) along with a good 10 pounds of beef/steaks and another 5 pounds of various hotdogs and sausages. i also like to cook up a bunch of stuff and freeze it, that way if i come home late from work i can throw it in the microwave and viola. like today i yanked out a pack of angel hair pasta that was left over from a month or so ago and made up some nice chow mein with a cauliflower and some bell peppers. i especially like to freeze rice, it heats up really quick and can't even really tell its been frozen, bread is another good one.
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Please tell us you have alternative power- a generator hooked to your house wiring system.
If not, I'd put my money in MRE's or food that won't spoil quickly. Just go to the store weekly for fresh meat.
I live in the Druid Hills area of Atlanta, and we are always last to regain power after a storm. They take care of the Democrats first to keep them from rioting. Cynthia McKinney sucks!
Not a big meat eater. Used my small chest freezer for "left overs". During my wife's chemo treatments, she developed a major adversion to heated up left overs (tastes were off she says, added to nausea side effects of the drugs), so freezer was emptied and turned off. It was fairly new so I freed up the space it was taking up and donated it to Salvation Army.

I agree with the post above about power outage. One less thing to power on my limited generator.
Right now mine needs to be cleaned out and defrosted completely. I have so much stuff in there I know it is keeping it from freezing as it should. I just hate having to put everything in coolers while the defrosting process takes place.
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